WordCookies Cross APK (Update v1.1) Mod

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  • December 23, 2017
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For those who love to make bread and have a passion for food, they would have known the sweet chocolate flavor. Great ingredients can be used with most chocolate cakes, chocolate biscuit, chocolate milk tea, chocolate cake… The cake is always the first choice for young people on each trip. play, visit or simply visit you. Are you learning a foreign language? Vocabulary learning is very difficult when we do not have any inspiration, plus the pressure of other subjects is always near. Learning difficult to make you can not focus highly resulting on the results not as expected. Use our product, WordCookie Cross to make sure your learning is not as big a deal as you think.

Download WordCookies Cross APK (Update v1.1) Mod latest Android

Have you ever thought of combining learning and using chocolate ingredients to make a good game? When playing the WordCookie Cross game, players will be surprised by the small cookie but can help you improve vocabulary often. Play as a letter shop and you also need to win many rounds of play to gradually collect those useful baking tools. Each time a player completes an excellently part, there will be a reward to encourage them to progress to the next game (to open up the apron will be the test piece for the players worth it). Although they are only virtual items that can not be used the spiritual value of the player is nothing to replace. That is why intellectual games are always popular with generations of players from generation to generation.

The graphics are very simple with the main color is chocolate, just interesting and pleasant. There is no one who does not like to learn simple but comfortable. When the mind is relaxed, our acquisition is much better than a stressful atmosphere. There is a variety of vocabulary to learn, and they are not too long to be remembered in one go. The screen will display some letters and your task is to connect the letters together to make a meaningful word so that it appears on the bottom line. Finding a meaningful word will also help you to get bonuses from the butterflies above the crossword if lucky. There will also be many words with the same letter, so you can select the Star button to see how many words have the same start. But if you are self-confident, find out for yourself. It is also a good way of learning that requires mental activity to find results.

Live sound and the tones sound after you find a certain word as encouraging the player to find the next solution. You can also view your bonus on the screen. This is an extremely useful game for all ages who want to improve their vocabulary. For adults, WordCookies Cross is not just a simple way to review vocabularies but also entertain them after hours of stressful work. For kids, this is a vocabulary-expansion game that helps them become more active in finding and identifying regular letters to help avoid spelling mistakes.

WordCookies Cross APK is still a very popular game with a good, short and simple vocabulary system. Having a lot of positive feedback is the basis for the later development of the game to bring joy and satisfaction to key players in WordCookies Cross.

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