23/7 Twenty Three Seven APK+DATA (Update v1.0) Mod

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  • November 28, 2017
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What impression do you have? What will you do when a day is only 23? A collaboration between two companies that owns the leading Japanese game industry Pajinko Fujishoji and Kadokawa, 23/7 Twenty Three Seven is considered new and attractive intellectual games will find the answers to these above questions.

Download 23/7 Twenty Three Seven APK+DATA (Update v1.0) Mod for Android

Not only does it create a new breeze in the gaming market, 23/7 Twenty Three Seven also has the competitive edge by leveraging many of today’s cutting-edge features.

The scene in the game is mainly a mysterious scene, a darkness is covering the world when the number 9 on the clock is gone, that day only 23 hours, everyone no one noticed but things began to so disturbing. The player has the mission of transforming into a Japanese high school boy named Hikari, who is suddenly caught up in the battle with the Clockers. The game is very simple, players just fight the Clockers, find back the numbers. Companion to the Hikari boy is a team built from fellow players, solidarity and proper strategy is the only way to win this game.

Players need to use maximum ability to observe, act flexibly and cooperate with each other in all aspects of combat. As a legendary superhero, players can create the world for themselves to regain their natural order, to protect the peace of Earth’s time from the attack of the Clockers. Interrelated 23/7 Twenty Three Seven also exploited the fighting ability of the character in raising the level of difficulty through each round.

Appreciated not only for the quality of content but also own eye-catching interface, very mystical suitable for the hero adventures. Designed to be a RPG for mobile phones, the game takes full advantage of the multi-functional, convenient and power Smartphone. The graphics of the game is highly invested through the character design in the game, the scene is shown. A combination of top Japanese painters, including the notable addition of Kaku-San-Sei Milion Arthur, the characters in 23/7 Twenty Three Seven is extremely portrayed in every expression. feeling, action. In addition, the producer also improved the sound quality, with the participation of voice actors such as Uchida Maaya and Uchida Yuuma will talk to the main characters, players feel more clearly feet. Real game.

Going through many improvements and bringing to market a complete product, the company has added an unmistakable bonus of 23/7. Twenty Three Seven is a RPG series on mobile devices. is an online game that players not only directly feel the game features great but also easy to own version of this exciting game. Of course, in response to the efforts of the producers, everyone regardless of age, time, place and place, would like to become a member of 23/7 Twenty Three Seven. In fact, it has been in existence for two years and is expected to launch in the winter of 2017, when it was launched at the Tokyo Game Show. The Android beta will be open on December 7, 2017, with 3,000 points available.

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