8 Ball Pool (MOD, Sighting/Line)


The addict of the billiards game, it must be impossible not to know 8 Ball Pool. Since its launch, this game has quickly created a tremendous fever for most gamers who love sports. In just a short time, the number of players has reached hundreds of millions. Immediately prioritize the first position in the application store. It’s easy to understand, the first is the 8 Ball Pool was released by Miniclip – a big man so famous, second is the attractive play style that it brings. The results achieved by the game proved to Miniclip’s talent, thanks to which the echoes of the company go further. And when it comes to the name Miniclip, people will think of the outstanding products that it brings.

Play Pool with friends!

There are two main modes for this game. One is that you will play solo with any one person. In this mode, players will have the opportunity to interact and interact with other people around the world. Through this exchange, both help players practice and master their skills and help them get familiar with the sport. However, the requirement of time is a great challenge for beginners. Because the main task is to bring the ball into the hole, which turns the ball of each other intertwined, so winning will not be easy. Requesting the calculation and alignment of each country is very important. Each match wins, you will have the opportunity to advance to a new level, more difficult, but also have the chance to try more players.

The second is the league. In this mode, depending on the level of your current, you will be randomly selected to compete with other players. This round will be played in pairs; the winner will win the prize. Regular prizes will be medals and individual bonuses. Then you can choose to play deep into the world rankings. With the skill that has been trained, this will be the ideal opportunity for players to show off their talents. But it will be the fierce arena, fierce. All calculations must be accurate; new victories come to you.


8 Ball Pool is equipped with beautiful 3D graphics and impressive. Variable viewing angles that can be flexibly altered will be a great help for the player to observe. Because this is a simple style of the game, the graphics of the game is not too fancy. However, the details are small, meticulous care. Smooth, smooth motion, impeccable. Easy, intuitive manipulation. The layout, the interface of 8 Ball Pool elegant, minimalist, enough space to observe the whole ball. Sounds quite fun and gentle, does not make gamers lose focus. Generally, the graphics coordinate the game is very good with the game, promising experience for you will be attractive, refreshing.


If billiards is your favorite sport, do not hesitate to opt for the 8 Ball Pool. Everything about the gameplay and graphics is perfect, the high finishing from the Miniclip certainly will not disappoint you. The game is free, fast download and experience with friends and show off your ball skills right now.

MOD Info?

Long trajectory

NOTE: Play carefully, to avoid a ban! There is a chance to get a ban!

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