Ace Attorney Investigations 2 APK+DATA (Update v1.00.00)

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  • December 25, 2017
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After a huge success with the first, CAPCOM released the second installment of the acclaimed Ace Attorney Investigations series. Of course, the game is called Ace Attorney Investigations 2: Miles Edgeworth. However, this is a version reserved for Japanese market so there is no English version. So this will be a great obstacle for global players want to enjoy this famous detective game.

Download Ace Attorney Investigations 2 APK+DATA (Update v1.00.00) for Android

As we all know, the Ace Attorney series is a puzzle game for the Nintendo DS, with much of the flavor of a true visual novel. With the first look, no one will love this game because it is hardly attractive to people because of what hit the face of the player right after the experience is the frame is long and static. write sentences and words. However, if you have played the game and successfully solved it once, you will definitely be addicted to this game and want to continue to solve the difficult quiz in the game.

Since the release of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth launched in early December for smart mobile devices, we are not going to be accompanied by an unfamiliar Phoenix Wright lawyer who will accompany them. Miles Edgeworth – is his best friend. Miles Edgeworth is also a good prosecutor in no way inferior to Wright. Certainly, he will have the opportunity to shine more in two parts for mobile games.

If the player expects something disruptive, then Ace Attorney Investigations 2 will make you quite disappointed that the gameplay remains the same with the 2D graphics platform as before. However, the characters have also been reworked from the previous investigation, giving a more polished and beautiful feel. The game will still have a top-down view with static frames, which are the system’s recommendations for players.

As for the gameplay, I will not say much because you definitely have to experience one of the games called Ace Attorney to find this game. Is still the familiar way of playing without getting confused. Players need to pay close attention to all the lines of the alleged suspects in the case. Especially the pictures recreate the scene. Next is to find the necessary clues, evidence to be able to make the final conclusion.

Ace Attorney Investigations 2: Miles Edgeworth still has its own charms, but it’s not a role-playing game that’s as trendy as the hot games on the market right now. In a market full of entertaining role-playing games, a game that uses up to 100% of the mind to play is probably a fresh breeze that makes the player comfortable.

Currently, the game is being offered free on the App Store with in-game packages, and for Android users, you must purchase this game on Google Play for $18 for the full version. However, you can also download an external APK file to experience this game right away. Now, let’s join the famous prosecutor and go explore some mysterious cases.

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