Adorable Home (MOD, Unlimited Heart)


A dining table, a few chairs, a wardrobe, seems to be missing something? Oh yeah, a TV to make the house more fun. All of the above is what the player will do in the “Adorable Home” game. Each player will build a house of their own and customize it individually. There is plenty of work to do with your home, and of course, free up your creativity and make it a home.


At the beginning of the game, the player selects the couple they want and names each one. These will be newlyweds, and they have just started moving into a new house to live the rest of their lives together. And the companion with them will be the cat, the loveliest member of the house. The player’s job will be to build their home through the love points they have received. There are many things for players to decorate, including interior and exterior, the style of the house will be decided freely by the player. And of course, a home will gradually form when all family members are happy.

From another perspective, this game is like a simulation of our lives. Every day players will experience a myriad of different things happening unexpectedly. But starting with the player’s first job is to decorate their house with furniture. To get furniture, the player needs Love Points. It will be awarded to players after they perform an action that newlyweds often do. The more romantic, the higher the love point, and the house will become warmer with everything that the player has decorated for it.

To access other things, players will select the shortcut keys identified in the lower right corner. Through these shortcuts, players will have access to many different things and typically will be the store. At the store, it will be divided into many different places for players to freely search for the things they want to decorate their homes. The areas of that store include Lounge Items, Garden Items, Food & Boxes, etc.

Only do they build their homes, players also have to take care of their adorable cats. The player’s cat will love his owner more if they are frequently fed with a variety of special foods. Snow is often very hungry, so please keep feeding his favorite foods.


Building a home

This game will simulate the life of newlyweds if the player wonders how their daily life is, this game will provide everything that people play need to know. Starting with the home, players can visit the store to buy the necessary items in daily life. Each store will be divided into countless different small areas to make it easier for players to find the necessary items. After they buy something, they will be transferred to “My Collection.” This place is like your inventory from a different perspective, and from here, you will use them the way you want, and if it’s interior, then place it where you want.


This is the only currency in this game; it will make the game more lovely and more interesting instead of using other currencies. To receive Love, players will have to perform a multitude of different jobs related to the married life of newlyweds, such as preparing Bento every day. Not only from newlyweds, the feed for your cats will also receive some Love. Newlyweds are very romantic, and if there are more cats, their life will become more lovely.

MOD Info?

  • V1.5.6 – Earn 62525 by buying pet food
  • V1.6.1 – Get 666.666 when entering the game
  • V1.6.7 –  Heart increases when you spend
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47 thoughts on “Adorable Home (MOD, Unlimited Heart)

  1. every time i open the game it crashes!! ㅠㅠ i would appreciate it if you’ll help me out. thanks!

  2. Its not working even if i exit or re enter the game

  3. Can you update the last version, please???
    Thank you

  4. Pls update with bedroom thanks

  5. game crashes every time i open

  6. Yeah nice it’s workinh

  7. Update with bathroom plssss

  8. how does it work? it doesnt seems to have that unlimited hearts. v1.6.1

  9. Thanks for supporting

  10. Super thanks for the make

  11. i want many hearts

  12. The app works great! If you want to get rid of the ads, just use Lucky Patcher to mod it again then install on your device. I got the 1.6 version and at the beginning I have 600000++ hearts so it’s all good. Just waiting for the update for the bathroom. Thank you so much devs/mods! ❤️

  13. Tried the 1.6.3 version but the app force closes. Going back to 1.6.1 mod version for now which for me is more stable. Still waiting for the bathroom update. Thank you! 💋

  14. Hi. Everytime I try to buy bento box and gift box, the app will crashed. Im using the latest version 1.6.3. Thank you

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