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  • November 26, 2017
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Albion Online brings a unique MMORPG experience with sandboxing gameplay and cross-platform support across multiple platforms. Sandbox type is not much in the game market, and in the MMO category is even rarer. For those of you who do not know, I would like to briefly describe sandboxes as a game genre that allows players to feel free to do what they do in the open world. Therefore, Albion Online has no specific plot or familiar storyline as other MMORPGs. Instead, the players are the ones who break new ground from the empty hands.

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At the beginning of the game, the character creation was a bit disappointing. Albion Online does not have as many different character options as the MMORPGs I’ve experienced. The game is also quite different when there is no selection of character classes. Instead, there are only sex choices and a number of body styles for the character set but quite a few. So those who like to create meticulous characters probably will not like this.
Albion Online’s graphics are not pretty, but not bad. Compared to many other trendy MMORPGs in the market. Personally, I think it’s like a simplified version of graphics, so do not expect too much from this aspect. It’s in enough detail and that’s it. The game’s focus is more on the creating gameplay aspect. With the open world in Albion Online, there is so much that the character can do besides killing monsters. And of course, there is no need to set up a guild or party with other players to go to the Expedition or join the quest.

One of the interesting differences in Albion Online is that characters do not have experience points or attributes points. Instead, the game uses a fame system. The higher the reputation, the better equipment the character can wear. Meanwhile, character stats and skills are dependent on the player’s equipment. Thanks to this flexible system you can see a lot of unique combinations in the world of Albion Online.
This system also helps you not to create multiple characters with different roles, such as healer and tank. Any character can “reincarnate” different character classes. There are no limits except for using equipment right and enough fame. I highly appreciate this system, as it eliminates annoying issues when players increase character points or choose the wrong skill.

Fame is very important, especially on the Destiny Board. This is a system similar to the Sphere Grid in Final Fantasy X, deciding what characters can and can not do. For instance, if you fight with leather armor, it will help you advance further to this arm in the Destiny Board. This will unlock the skill that will allow you to wear more advanced leather armor (higher tier). Growing carrots will help you improve your farming skills and unlock more livestock and crops. Or gather resources to help you gather more effectively, which can collect higher tier resources as well as speed up the collection.

The economy and trade in Albion Online are different from many other MMORPGs. The game has no shops with NPCs selling or purchasing equipment or items for the character, everything is self-made by players and traded with each other. In other words, the economy of the game is played by the players who build it. Even marketplaces sell only items sold by self-sellers.
The PvP feature is also designed as the core of the game, centered around the level of risk compared to the reward received. The world map is bottled into different areas of Green, Yellow, Red, and Black. Each color represents the level of PvP allowed in that area. Green is a perfectly safe area. Gold is a limited PvP area, only players who open hostile mode will be able to PvP, and not open, then attacked only lose money. Red and Black are free PvP areas. Anyone can “close” each other in these two color areas. The winner can loot all equipment, furniture, and even the rider’s losers. But tier 5 and 6 resources are only available in the Red and Black regions, particularly in the Black area. If you want to have some good food, you have no choice but to go to the Black Hunt and get resources to make items and accept the risk that will be PK to lose everything at any time.

Animal riding is also a particularly useful design in Albion Online. They not only increase the speed of movement but also increase the amount of gear they can carry. This factor stays the same even if you are no longer riding but requires you to stand in the ring around the standing mount. Initially, the player is only allowed to mount an ass, but can later be upgraded to a horse with a faster movement speed. Or you can upgrade to bull, though it moves slowly the ability to “carry” is great.

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