American vs Japanese Sniper – Hunter Survival FPS APK (MOD Money)

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In the past, war has always been a horror for all humanity. But if there is no war, man will not be able to understand the meaning of peace. Fierce and brutal, that is what the Second World War (WW2) left behind in each of us. Cross-border fierce battles, cross-continents, ruinous works, state-of-the-art weapons, painful mourning, etc. all blend to create the darkest moment in species of people history.

But, along with that, the eternal war is still a source of inspiration for so many beautiful ideas. These are verses, songs, footage, and so far, these are war titles intended to bring players into the world of fierce battles. With that in mind, to reproduce WWII, Blockot Studios has given us a unique war game: American vs Japanese Sniper – Hunter Survival FPS. Are you looking for a title game about war? Are you looking to experience the feeling of a soldier on the battlefield, want to experience a sense of life vs death? Or do you want to reproduce the history battle on your mobile phone? Then come to American vs. Japanese Sniper – Hunter Survival FPS and you will get all that. With the choice of being an Allied or Fascist (Japanese) soldier, the publisher promises to bring you the most authentic and vivid experience of this fierce battle.

Gameplay – how to play

When you participate in the game, you will be given the option of becoming a soldier in either the US Army or the Japanese Army. And of course, your mission is to destroy your enemies. The weapons used are not modern tanks or helicopters, but merely modern guns, compact grenades and sharp knives. Players will be joined in the army of their country, then hunt and kill the enemy. The map in the game is quite large, so you can find the place to hide, ambush the enemy, use their creativity and flexibility to survive and destroy many enemies. Not only is the role-playing game standard, participating in this game, but players can also perform a lot of the movements of a real soldier like moving, dancing, crawling … And do not forget that the right side of the screen has a small map, which will help you to position your teammates in such an ample space. Of course, it will also help you avoid getting lost on the way to the enemy base.


American vs Japanese Sniper – Hunter Survival FPS APK equips you with a variety of guns and grenades, bombs, mines, and so on. But you can not own them all. You have to complete the task after each battle and earn bonuses to be able to purchase more advanced guns, more modern armour to ensure your safety while destroying many enemies. feudalism, Also, tactics in warfare are always critical factors to victory. So, be a smart, creative and thoughtful soldier!

Online mode

Most of the new games now have online modes, and of course American vs. Japanese Sniper is no exception. The game has a large number of players, so you can go online to experience dramatic and exciting battles with lots of other players around the world. You can even be with your friends standing side by side in the fight of mortal life like the old warriors. Is not it great?

Graphics & Sound

American vs Japanese Sniper for Android uses modern 3D graphics, maps and characters designed beautifully and honestly, allowing the player to experience the feeling of being a real soldier. Besides, the sound of gunshots, bullets on the barrel, the wind blowing or even the footsteps are also diligent publishers. All created a role-playing game extremely perfect.


If you’re a shooter, role-playing game, then have a try on the American Survival FPS game American vs Japanese Sniper. This is a first-person FPS shooter game from the publisher of Blockot Studios, available for free on the Google Play store, which was released on February 18, but has hit hundreds of thousands of downloads, with The feedback of the players is extremely positive. You do not download and participate in the most intense matches in history right now.

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