Download Analog Film Jeju APK (Update v1.0.8)


Analog Film Jeju is the latest photography application for Android devices developed by Analog Palette. As we all know, the success of the Analog Film on the App Store has spurred many more developers into making mobile photography apps. And typically, the Analogue Palette has the Analog Film application for Android devices.

Download Analog Film Jeju APK (Update v1.0.8) latest for Android

Analog Film is one of the video filters about the most popular countries in the world, such as France, Korea, and the UK. It has been one of the best photography apps in the world on App Store at one time. In addition, Analog Film is also the first choice to quickly edit photos with just one touch and give you a true color photo with your own style. The new version of Jeju Analog Film adds 10 image filters made in beautiful cities and 30 color filters. The photos are through Analog Film Jeju will be brought the romantic pink color of Korea’s beautiful, ancient film color of the romantic Paris city.

Main Features of Jeju Analog Film APK

1. Over 400 free stickers
If you want your photo to be more vivid, perfect so adds the stickers is an indispensable. It gives you over 400 free stickers for every emotion. So you can better express your mood on the pictures you take.
2. Add text
Quotes or words are also things that many people want to add to their pictures. Understanding that the manufacturer also did not forget to add this feature to his application. Analog Film Jeju has more than 100 fonts along with various text templates for users to choose from.
3. 40 advanced filters
On the Analog Film of the App Store, users have only 8-10 filters, with this application, users will have more than 40 advanced filters with all the different colors. From there you can create as many different emotions and moods as you want with the art filters along with the stickers we’ve introduced above.
4. Advanced Editing
With Jeju Analog Film, editing photos have never been so simple. You can rotate the image, adjust color, blur, brightness, contrast, and many other customizations.

Highlights of the application are the speed of processing so fast as well as support for saving images with the highest resolution. Users can be assured of the corrected images through the Jeju Analog Film. Overall, this is a great mobile photo capture and editing application. Analog Film Jeju APK is sold on Google Play for $ 1, but you can download it for free at the link below that we provide. It’s safe and works. Last, wish you have beautiful photos and do not forget to visit our ModDroid.Com website to get the latest updates.

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