Analog Film Portland APK (Update v1.1.1) Paid


Analog Film Portland is a unique photo filter that any movie fans should not miss on their Android device. It brings a Portland-style, bold, art-deco tool. Analog Film is one of the top paid photo filters in most countries in the world. This series includes many image filtering applications in many of the most beautiful and attractive cities, such as Analog Paris, Analog Cam Okinawa, Analog Budapest, Analog Tokyo, Analog London…

Download Analog Film Portland APK (Update v1.1.1) Paid for Android

Analog Film Portland is the first application in the Analog Film City series – city-style photo filters. It contains 10 filters in Portland city style, that is so distinctive, new and artistic, give viewers the impression of being photographed in Portland. Analog Film Portland APK is ideally suited for use in landscape shots from nature to city, even in the corner of the room or in the kitchen. The application interface is quite intuitive and extremely easy to navigate. The filter is located just below the image. Touch a favorite filter to apply the picture immediately. Swipe the screen left or right to change the filter. Touch Save to save. In addition, the application also supports capture functions like any other common tool.

Features of the beautiful Portland Digital Films APK

  • Tools of photo editor are variety, such as Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Vignette, Grain Film Gradient, Rotate and Flip, Sharpness, Temperature, Highlight, Shading, dust patterns and scratches
  • Store data as EXIF and GPS
  • Good quality filter effects such as Kodak Gold, Portra, Ektarchrome, Tri-X, T-Max Series, Fuji Pro, Superia, Velvia, Fortia, Astia, Provia, FP, Neopan Series, llford HP5, Delta series.
  • Share directly on the most popular social networks today, including Instagram, Sina Weibo, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Email
  • Instagram image tag with #AnalogFilm
  • Support multi-language interface: English, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified
  • Support for shooting with the built-in audio button

The Portland Film APK is sold on Google Play for $0.99, but you can download it for free with the .apk file we provide. Visit our website ModDroid.Com to download the best free apps.

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