Angry Birds Blast Island (MOD plus 100 moves)


From animated cartoons with distinctive content, the producers have given birth to many famous games all over the world. One that can be said Angry Birds, the world of birds. This is a world with exciting things we have not discovered yet, as they have to deal with the threats from the expert green pigs catching the eggs to eat. Rovio Entertainment Corporation has launched Angry Birds: Blast Island to continue the journey of protecting the eggs of the birds and destroying the evil pigs.

Fun – Interesting

Angry Birds: Blast Island is quite similar to the previous game. Players will control the direction, and different targets for each bird to attack the blue pig to win is. But here, the little birds and the eggs will be trapped in the bubbles, so your task is to rescue them. Try to score high points in each task, especially three levels to complete your mission. Try to get as many stars as you can. Players can also participate in the Daily Challenges to compete for the highest ranking in the rankings. Find the smartest and simplest way to solve puzzles, set a record and try to get three stars in each level.

Having more than 500 levels for you to play freely, the maximum number of stars you gain from the lower levels will help unlock levels to open sooner. In more than 500 levels, players will be able to explore many different areas. From Hawaii to the largest tropical jungle in the world. Players will discover hundreds of different locations in this game.

Features and graphics

The birds in the game are designed similar to the characters in Angry Birds. The colourful space inside, very eye-catching, especially for children. The lively sound makes the player feel more cheerful. Challenges are not too difficult so children can play at low levels. Not only the rescue of the eggs, but players can also use the prizes to do achievements stored in the account and become the best player. The game uses Japanese mainly because the publisher is in Japan, but it is not difficult because the game is mainly represented by symbols that are so many players can use it freely.

The game has more than 500 levels updated weekly with exciting new enhancements that make the player feel no boring at all. You can play online and offline only with a small phone on hand. Use clever skills and tactics to solve battles. You can also connect to facebook account to invite friends to join the game. Also, there are many features that players can use as Weekly Events Weekly events are divided into three sections, including Mini Maps, Rocket Races and Puzzles and Daily Challenges to help you earn free prizes plus upgrade to play higher.


Angry Birds: Blast Island MOD is a simple and fun game, suitable for everyone and fun after hours of hard work. Stimulate your brain to think of new tactics to win faster and join your friends. Besides, Rovio Entertainment Corporation has also launched other related games such as Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Star Wars or Angry Birds Classic. Each game has its characteristics, and these games are entirely free, so try it now.

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