Archero (MOD, God Mode/Damage)

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  • September 29, 2019
  • RPG
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  • Version: 1.2.3
  • Category: RPG
  • Size: 87M
  • Update: September 29, 2019 at 4:52 am
  • Available at: Google Play

If you’re a fan of the palace, the player will surely not be able to ignore Archero. Habby produced and released this game and at the beginning of April 2019. At present, it has been interested and played by many gamers around the world. Honestly, it was so attractive that many of YouTubers made videos to show how to play it even though this is just an offline game. This is not a very difficult game; it is not difficult on any one side. The gameplay is also easy, the controller is also clear, the image is beautiful, but all that is combined brings a new and attractive look to the player.

Archero is an action game, a bit of an arcade game. It allows players to participate in matches where you will play a talented archer. Just like the games of the same genre, it is set in a world that is affected by monsters. Players will have to participate in matches to destroy all the monsters in the screen and rescue the screen. The game does not have a clear plot, but you will have the name Lone Archer, the ultimate force capable of fighting evil. You will have to fight to retain the last legacy of humanity on this earth. Also, if you die, start all over again, so be careful. The challenge is hard when you have only one network, making players much more cautious in gaming. They are afraid of death, so they have to go to YouTube and see how difficult it is for players to cross the stage to know and learn.

Hit and Run, Win Win Win!

The player must learn the game’s controls before attempting to master it. It is easy to control because it is easy just to touch the screen and drag to control the direction of the character. A rule that you must understand before entering the game is that when you are moving, you cannot attack. This makes the game a bit harder, but the manufacturer adds a utility that you will feel it helps a lot during the game. Your attack will be completely automatic and accurate, shooting straight at the location of the nearest enemy. It means that the enemy hit rate is 100%.

But on the contrary, they will also have a way to counterattack. Enemies attack greatly and aggressively; their beams and spells are launched continuously without being interrupted. Players who only need to touch too much damage from the enemy will collapse and force to play again from the beginning. Their attack will have a clear rule so you can learn how to avoid them. The maximum level you can achieve is to move and attack. It sounds against the principle, but you will immediately understand, which means that your attack will have a certain delay. When the delay attack, you will inch up a bit to change the vertical position. If you do this smoothly, it will be like you are moving while attacking. Actually, it is a useful trick in that MOBA game.

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