Asphalt 9: Legends (MOD, Unlimited Nitro/Speed)


Have you ever experienced a variety of speed games and now you want to add that list to a new game? Introducing the new generation of racing games – high speed – Asphalt 9: Legends. An improved version of the previous Asphalt version. Asphalt games are based on the idea of Asphalt movie of the same name; this 9th was released after much controversy, speculation and officially released, compatible with IOS operating system. Do you have any questions about this version 9? What new things will appear? Or simply want to continue the fascinating feel that Asphalt 8 has brought you before and want something a bit more explosive.


How to play? Merely master the speed and conquer the track. Over. Everything is exactly that. You will choose the race car that matches your look and color, and then go to the road and learn the features of that great car. With no duplication, the difference is most noticeable in different cars in the game. You will drive the car through each arcade with emotions that are fun when you are thrilled to suffocate by bends, turns or obstacles. All you need is to observe all the movements of the race on the screen and the movement of your car. Have the same speed racing time in the right corner of the screen. There are rival vehicles and power on the left side of the screen. Everything will help you master your race in the best way.

Features, characteristics

With most of the information and instructions placed directly on the screen for easy viewing, it’s too specific and enough to appeal to any player and help you explore the game quickly, without even having to. Someone once played to guide you back. Also, you will enjoy even more with Asphalt 9 when you know the great features as well as the features set up for it. The first is the list of more than 50 racing cars of all types to choose your child to help you conquer the ideal race, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche, … Next All kinds of tournaments and races are proposed for you to participate in “real war”. Especially real-time mode with eight other racers in the World Series Multiplayer mode. Along with that is the system that controls the visual lane and the dynamic and lively movement … all contribute to the undeniable appeal of Asphalt 9: Legends.

Sum up

Although quite attractive unfortunately have to give some note for you before deciding to download ‘Asphalt 9: Legends‘ if you do not want to be short of. It’s ‘Asphalt 9’ is only designed and released compatible with mobile devices using IOS, namely iOS 8.0 or higher, corresponding to iPad mini 2 or higher or iPhone 5s or above. And free download as well as the ability to play offline quite pleasant. Take a look at ‘Asphalt 9: Legends’ as a new hint for the familiar racing genre.

MOD Info

• Speed Hack (car is a lot faster)
• Ghost Mode Always On (you can’t get destroyed by hitting walls or other cars)
• No AI in Events Races
• No AI in Career Mode
• Unlimited Nitro (when you drift a bit, the nitro gauge will be completely filled)
• Drift Radius Hacked (higher control of the car while you drift)


Please note this MOD is designed for ARMv7 devices only and might not run on x86 or Armv64 devices (check your device’s compatibility here) but during our tests, it worked fine on every device but failed to work on Android Emulators. If you get “license error”, make sure to install this game from Google Play first, then uninstall it and install the MOD APK instead. The OBB file is optional, if you did the previous step (installing Google Play version first), it should download automatically.

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5 thoughts on “Asphalt 9: Legends (MOD, Unlimited Nitro/Speed)

  1. Not working. As per your steps I did ,when opening game showing invalid license.
    Please say the correct steps.

  2. Yahahahaha

  3. Plz update to 1.1.4a plz

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