Avakin Life – 3D Virtual World (MOD, Free Build/All Items)


The busy life makes us feel very uncomfortable because of the burden of money in hand. Come to Avakin Life, one of the famous online role-playing games of Lockwood Publishing Ltd for building a virtual life on the phone. The game will bring you to a play space with new friends where the player can become anyone you wish.

Simulation and role playing game with countless possibilities!

Create your character by choosing one of the character creations available in Avakin Life. There are many different options; players can take the avatar is a short hair girl personality, a beautiful soft girl with eye-catching fashion or a guy galloping laxative. In addition, you are also self-designed and built a dream home. The game provides the necessary items for the player to purchase, draws himself a model house and together with his close friends in the game to build the ideal home. Besides that, you also have the opportunity to find unique places to make your beloved home on a cool tourist island or bustling urban area.

Players live in a vibrant and energetic world. That is why happy parties are sure to happen often. The players are swaying to the music and with friends try a new wine. Those who want to enjoy the exciting experience of the bars or immerse themselves in the space of youth will surely bring you the most panoramic view. Spend Not only your life but also your other young people. Characters must also go out, find suitable jobs and make money. You can become a waitress, a fashion model or go dancing if you like.

Interface and graphics

The graphics in Avakin Life are designed quite impressive. The system of diverse characters gives players the feeling that they are in a place where they can make friends with everyone in the world. As each player has a distinctly different style and style, the game offers shops with a myriad of different products ranging from dresses, shoes to cosmetics. Space is also built diversified. Each of the luxurious apartments has a swimming pool, a dance floor with a DJ or an elegant café. Live sound is suitable for outdoor activities such as sea sports, yacht banquets, and high-class dance classes. To create a competitive environment for high score players in Avakin Life, the game features fashion design competitions to bring the moments of enjoyment and gifts, interesting for the winner.


Coming to Avakin Life MOD, you will not be bound by time or space. Players do not need to spend a lot of time and effort, but your character can still act as a model or athlete to make a lot of money. With a lively 3D design and a fresh and energetic direction, the game is a living space ideal for those who love the dynamic and modern. The game is now available on Google Play and is free to users. Let’s quickly install and experience the moments of relaxation in Avakin Life with us.

MOD Info

  • Unlock hidden items
  • Free build
  • Random XPS
  • Copy action
  • Bypass
  • Rotation/Teleport
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  1. i like this mod so much and i think this is so bettert then avakin life apk 2018

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