Awesome Arena APK (Update v1.0.5) Mod


Hollywood movies with classic gun battles always make viewers admire. And you are one of those numbers, are you interested in modern combat guns and always want to try out in such dramatic battles? You always imagine yourself to be the main character in the world of death. Join the Awesome Arena, where you can make your dream of becoming a professional gunner in the deadly arena of survival.

Download Awesome Arena APK (Update v1.0.5) Mod for Android

When new players join the game, the characters will appear very little, only about 1 or 2 people, but the later the number of characters you can choose more. Characters using a variety of weapons, taking advantage of the ability to use both guns or bring a knife or something just in case is also a measure to help increase survival here. Limited time and ammo types are limited as well when you join a real battle. So to be safe and not have to waste materials to maintain the safety of itself is a feature in Awesome Arena, causing the player to always focus on alert. The battle is a lot of people, everyone is your enemy and you have to hide, hide well to not be shot dead. Modern weapons, weapons such as knives, computers … are always upgraded and added in time for the next battle. The scene seems to be cluttered with everyone else’s enemies and everyone wants to defeat their opponents. You can choose a different location if you do not want to continue the game at the old place. Once played, your health indicator appears on the left side of the screen, the remaining bullets on the right of the screen, and other similar controls.

Awesome Arena, great arena with familiar characters. The ruins of the old arena were covered with moss and the time to create a creepy feeling when struggling to survive in this place. But it is well-suited for dramatic battles, which can take advantage of every corner of old trucks to the hidden houses or find the opportunity to attack the opponent. The characters in the Awesome Arena are not very much, they are carefully designed with a sly face, tall and fast body of a person who has suffered many deaths. But we can still create unique and unique features for our favorite characters because the game offers a wide range of options for characters from skin color, hair color, hairstyles, and more. Used for battles such as armor, weapons, and gunpowder … in general is great in terms of character formation. Gunfire, the voices of the people shouting because of the echo shot everywhere when participating in the arena makes the user, even more, try to not be knocked down.

All the adventures of the dramatic and adventure will be Awesome Arena reproduced in the most honest way. This is definitely the action game that people love, all the gameplay, control and graphics indicators, extremely impressive by the vote of the user community. Awesome Arena APK is limited to a few countries but the appeal of it is still very strong. Join now to battle in the great arena.

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