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Do you watch Discovery Channel shows? Sometimes you will encounter incredible scenes in Sahara mystery. Some tribes still live very simply and difficult to source clean water to use is also a luxury. Powerful and experienced men have to go hunting to get meat for their families. The remaining difficult task for women and children. One of them is to carry water from tens of kilometres away to the villagers. Ayo: A Rain Tale by the Inkline publisher, s.a.r.l. It’s such an adventure story. Let me find out.

Pass through the harshest desert in the world

If you are ready for the challenge, pick up the container and go. Even if you are prepared for a steel spirit, it is impossible to imagine the difficulties that you will experience. The sandy desert so hot that it burns your skin, leaving you sweating to the point of exhaustion, the peaks of only a few small people to the narrow cave crawl, but cannot stand a few challenges. In the multitude of difficulties you face. But do not be discouraged because that is the usual job of the girls and women here. Try to brave the brave man.

Search for water resources – help families

The long journey cannot be completed in a short day. They have to walk through a lot of hardship with their bare feet. So they have to spend many days in a row to bring their families and their tribes. The scenic day but dry but majestic makes you overwhelm the endless power of nature in harmony with the charming beauty of night and night singing of the desert will cause you to hang in heart Take that as an inspiration to overcome the difficulties that are waiting in front of you

As mentioned above, the desert is the most prominent enemy of the water collectors. It burns everything on the way in the terrible sunshine, so hot that it destroys almost all life on the dunes. The war has just begun with your own negative emotions. Quit, run away, or die….? Are not! You have to fight those negative emotions and fight the difficulties ahead. Think about your family waiting for water, that’s the biggest motivation.

Simple gameplay – improved graphics

Ayo: A Rain Tale not only challenges physical strength and endurance but also requires you to possess a great mind. The puzzles will continuously appear to block the step toward clean water for the villagers. What will you do when your physical strength is worn out to the point of extreme fatigue? Then you have to use your intellectual maximum not to be kept too long causing the villagers lack of clean water or worse than deserted in the desert. Once you’ve solved the puzzles, it’s time for the player to push through the boulders to advance. A lot of problems are set ahead, so you get over it, be careful with them.

Puzzles are not all that you have to overcome the hardships of finding water. Along the way will be terrible monsters such as a giant cow blowing sandstorm. The only chance for you to stay is to stick to the trees to wait for the opportunity to attack its weakness. But that is not all you have to meet. I Thunderstorm waiting for you in front, all your troubles and dark conspiracy are waiting for you. Come on!

Are you ready?

But there are hidden paths that can help you move faster or lead to a small treasure. You will have to find them to advance to the destination or collect support items. Do not be discouraged. Natural hazards such as thorns, lightning, and even lava geysers are still in place to block your path.

Ayo: A Rain Tale APK a good game with beautiful graphics and great humanity that addresses the problem of the lack of clean water in Sub-Saharan Africa. Download the game and try to experience the difficulties that children here have to undergo to understand the suffering of humankind today. Saving water and trying to help them is the way, but first, let’s play games to follow.

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