Ball Mayhem! (MOD, Infinite Diamond)

  • Publisher:
  • Version: 3.4
  • Category: Arcade
  • Size: 45MB
  • Update: November 13, 2019 at 10:49 pm
  • Available at: Google Play

Ball Mayhem! – Football in America in conjunction with Voodoo will produce a lovely product that players will have to admire. Because we can understand, Voodoo always produces games with extremely minimalist and attractive gameplay. In contrast, a rugby game has an extremely complex mechanism of operation with a large number of players and strict rules. These two contrasting elements combine to create an unexpected effect for players in general and fans of the sport in particular.

Actually, this game just launched in 2019 just now, but there are more than 100 people who know and support the game. It is this that creates motivation for manufacturers to continue offering more incentives for players. With each update, all the recommended game bugs will be corrected and added the newest features. For example, the recent patch, they have integrated the ranking system, new skins for players to wear, and are still regular updates to balance the strength of each team.

Enter the stadium and face the other teams in a fierce battle

The game rules still revolve around a rugby match, but all are minimalistic. As for players, it’s not as much as a real game, but only 6 people work together. They were also arranged in fixed positions, not playing different tactics. These players even move much more arbitrarily; they rush to the place where the ball is not there for any other purpose. Other factors such as stamina and strength index are not mentioned, everyone is the same. But Voodoo has skillfully put in the special game skills for players to use throughout the match. It will make you have more powerful breakthroughs and score points. As for the stage, it seems that it will remain the same size, not too much change

The most noticeable aspect is the rule of law on the field. It will not have such strict areas as in a standard rugby match. Basically, only the touchdown area is displayed at the end of the field with the word “TOUCHDOWN” prominently designed. You just need to get the ball there and get 1 point. Winning opponents also only calculate the score you have earned in the specified time. In just a few minutes, the match is also high-speed, not as long as a real match.

Show them who is the best team in the world!

The Voodoo manufacturer has also optimized the game’s controls by only allowing players to control the direction of the player’s movement. All remaining operations are automated with high accuracy. Besides, the colors are colorful but give a rod-shaped design that makes the game much lighter and more accessible. With skins that are constantly updated each version, this game will become more and more colorful and unique every day.

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