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BaBaQ is one of the most famous and popular fighting games of recent times. As a product of the Electronic Soul publisher, BaBaQ promises to bring you the most authentic live feel like in the real arena. When you get involved in the game, you will be immersed in a colourful new world, sounding and fighting like wild warriors and incredibly brave.


As you begin your journey into the world of BarbarQ, you will immediately feel attracted by the fascinating and adorable characters in the game. Each character has its strength, from high damage to gladiators to healing buffs. You will be selected one of these characters and immediately join the arena with other players. You will need to eat as many small pink mushrooms as possible to quickly increase your level and increase your HP for a higher amount of health and damage. Promptly equip yourself with the shoes to move fast, the hammer to throw stuns the enemy. You can also find the cute purple mushrooms and eat them to get a boost of mana that will allow you to improve your fighting skills as well as flee from stronger enemies.

Beat the opponent to score as many points. The more opponents you kill, the better and healthier you will be, along with levelling up and unlocking skills (full five skills). The more significant you become, the more you become the bait for all the people who rush to find ways to kill you. And if you meet a big black man with all sorts of killers, insert one leg and try to kill him, immediately your score will jump to the top of the rankings do not know. Try to get the highest score. Fight together to the end and win all the arena. Your score will continuously be updated on the rankings so try to maintain the best record. With specific combat strategies, teamwork, secret weapons, you can successfully overcome the terrain and opponents. You easily control the game with a simple joystick.


BarbarQ has a lot of exciting features that will make you have the time of fighting hammer extraordinarily energetic and full of fun. First of all, this is a strategy game where players are battled in real-time, and the players are divided into two teams and fighting for a specified period. There you will be free to spread around the map and kill as many enemies as possible, if not enough power can be with teammates “hit the council” for the enemy failed to return. Allies have the same blue bar with friends, and the enemy is yellow, so it is easy to recognise. The game also has a system that calculates the exact number of times you kill the enemy, the number of times you died and the number of assists. Along with it is a very up-to-date and accurate table of achievements that will help you achieve your combat goals. Was it a fun feature?

Graphics and sound

Sharp, vibrant, colourful 3D images will satisfy your vision. Music is used flexibly, suitable to bring a real space to help you feel everything as in real life. Have you ever played a game designed by Pixel, sure to be pleased with Pixel? Then there is no reason to reject BaBaQ. This game was developed by Pixel extremely professional and also created many unique points that other games have not. You will feel the arena is full of difficulties, the battlefield of life … Everything from image to sound will never let you down. BaBaQ game will help you think the arena is full of problems, the battlefield of life and death … and how to win.

Sum up

BarbarQ MOD APK challenges your leadership, fighting skills. Courage is the essence of victory in every battle. The game also gives you the joy of winning the game or the moment of suspense when the game takes place. All your emotions will be cleared up when participating in this game. BaBaQ not only helps you relax after a hard time, but it also gives you a bright idea of how to strategise, and your hands will become agiler. Your life will be better if you have BaBaQ. Please join us in conquering all arena to become the best in BaBaQ game anyway!

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