Batman: The Enemy Within (Update v0.08) Mod Unlocked


Batman: The Enemy Within – The Telltale Series is a role-playing fighting game with the main character Batman. You can play the game Batman: The Enemy Within on Android/iOS with beautiful graphics and excellent gameplay.

Download Batman: The Enemy Within v0.08 Mod Unlocked for Android/IOS

Telltale is a game publisher specializing in published the great games from the famous movies, and Batman: The Enemy Within is also among them. As the latest in the adventure game series of the same name, the story around the Batman is also the guardian of Gotham’s justice. Currently, the game is available on the Appstore system for iOS/Android operating system and also allows users to experience the first Episode of this free.

In the final chapter in Batman – The Telltale Series, both Bruce and Wayne and Batman are pushed into a new role. Ridder has come back to occupy Gotham City and create more violent conflicts in the city. Facing this situation, Batman must team up with a new alliance to complete the task of defending the Gotham city while the name Bruce Wayne is also at risk of exposure. Is the alliance chosen by Batman reliable? And how to hide Bruce’s true identity in the Batman superhero?

Superhero of the comic world

Download episode 1 of the Batman: The Enemy Within of the five parts of the hit game series developed by Telltale – the father of blockbuster series such as The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series, The Wolf Among Us and Tales from the Borderlands. Batman: The Enemy Within for Android/iOS stems from the story of Bruce Wayne’s father, Thomas Wayne, a notorious criminal in Gotham history. His nefarious activities created a terrorist organization that called the Children of Arkham. The Lead, Lady Arkham, joins the organization with Oswald Cobblepot and they make Bruce’s life turn upside down. They dig up the family history of Wayne, attack Batman’s alliance and want to destroy the Gotham city.

The return of the worst villain

In Batman: The Enemy Within for Windows, players will play Batman to fight the forces of terror. Part 1 is about action style with short events. Every your decision and action will affect the developments and outcome of the game, so be very careful! The same style and graphics as the previous game, the Batman: The Enemy Within players are coming with beautiful action, attractive storyline, besides you will also face the difficult puzzle and a lot of enemies are trying to attack the Gotham city.

In the storyline of this Enemy Within, players will meet the Riddler, along with other infamous criminals, of course not to mention the Joker – a villain but has a huge fan. If the Batman will be able to bring peace to Gotham here?

Download Batman: The Enemy Within APK/IPA Mod Unlocked

It all depends on you! Batman: The Enemy Within has a total of 5 episodes, released on the mobile platform for both the Android and iOS operating systems. We unlocked all the episodes in the game so you can experience the game in a best great way.

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