Black Desert Mobile APK (CBT)

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  • November 14, 2017
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Black Desert Mobile APK (CBT)
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Black Desert Mobile can be the most beautiful mobile game ever, and it takes players hours to design their character. Black Desert Mobile’s new mobile version, Black Desert Mobile, will officially open for pre-registration on November 23, according to Pearl Abyss. In addition, the teaser page of the game has been updated countdown time with a new video introduces gorgeous character mapping interface and details no less than the PC seniors.

Download Black Desert Mobile APK (Update v1.0) for Android

According to the development team, it will still be able to convert most of the content from the original version to mobile, but optimize as much as possible with “homegrown” Engine technology similar to the Black Desert. In addition, this MMORPG is built on the PC version but will have some content dedicated to the mobile platform, so players can expect a completely different experience than the PC. The clip is pretty detailed about the character layout prepared to enter the game. As we can see in the mobile version, this interface design Black Desert Mobile has demonstrated professionalism and excellent quality. Black Desert Mobile’s special play features a semi non-target mechanism similar to that of PC gamers, whose skills are non-targetable, but some require players to target themselves. (like Blade and Soul). In addition, actions such as dodging attacks jumps … are also included to help players can “counter” the attack of the enemy.

Finally, Pearl Abyss said Black Desert Mobile will be released as a free version and the mobile version also includes a unique feature called Private Manor that even the PC does not have. It is expected that the game will be released globally by the end of this year but has yet to be officially released.

In addition, the developers further emphasized that Black Desert Mobile is not the same as other Asian mobile games designed for players to recharge. There will be no terror equipment, rare weapons and ranking elements “5 Stars” in the in-game shop. “Everyone in the company wants to see Black Desert Mobile on top of the sales chart, but if we just think about making money, we lose our last fans,” Pearl Abyss said.

One thing that is special about Black Desert Mobile from its inception is that it is a mobile game developed for the global market. It will not be the same as the PC version that will localize the game region by country. So, Black Desert Mobile will have only one version, which is the international version only. Black Desert Mobile’s official release date will be announced shortly after this year.

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