Boxing Stars (MOD Damage/God Mode)


We know Boxing is a favourite sport today. Many world-famous stars have brought glory to the country and their fame. So what makes this sports special when a series of games are imitated by it to be released and get the attention of everyone. Come to Boxing Stars to learn more about Boxing.

From an average boxer with a passion for burning, your character is eager for a day to stand on stage, be heard, feel the cheers from the audiences who have the right, not people who don’t have money now can only satisfy their hobbies by free time. You want your character to be a well-known character, enjoying a comfortable life with unfinished dreams. Choose your favorite character and join the game Boxing Stars right away. Use all the strength in consecutive and accurate attacks so that the opponent can not counterattack. Step up the ladder of glory to have a care of those who have money and be officially joined the world of Boxing.

Makes the enemy dizzy, bewildered and stick to his attack. Win more to higher levels, have the opportunity to meet and interact with other characters. Try your hand at them, challenge yourself in the rounds and get enthusiastic cheers from the audience. Fight to the end of the dream of becoming the world’s top boxer. Deserving that success, your character will have a valuable property of prizes, helicopters, whatever you like, if your character can battle to won many competitions.

Search and create new skills, new skills you own. Use it as a secret to knocking down opponents. Buy and choose accessories for the match; they can be useful if you know how to use it in time. Give the character a unique fighting style and create a personal brand. Gather and equip the gloves with good resistance, fit the character to attend the critical competition. Strive to unlock new gloves that are superior to the ones that help keep the character better off without being opened. Make friends with a variety of contestants, from beautiful, intelligent journalists, fanatics frenzy by the character’s prowess to the big bosses who are looking for their chickens bringing gold eggs. Take advantage of the opportunities available to take part in many other events.

Growing up in matches in the beautiful, rich city streets. Strive daily to set foot in the world’s most prestigious World Championship. Equip the character with the items needed for the fight, using his skills, sharp moves with super dangerous attacks. Win prizes and receives money. Feel and experience the feeling on the top. All are in Boxing Stars APK, where boxing enthusiasts can express their endless passion.

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6 thoughts on “Boxing Stars (MOD Damage/God Mode)

  1. All I see is a black screen

  2. Well done, works great. Now my son will stay off my name because he’s losing. & I got alot of progress done on mine. Thanks

  3. Doesn’t work, it says “Warning: hacked detected”

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