Brave Frontier 2 APK (MOD Mega/Money)

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  • August 31, 2019
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It is still a familiar theme for us with a world full of blood and fire, where war never ceases until a force can unite all existing armies. You will play a significant commander and command a powerful. This world needs a great man to be able to live one day in peace and happiness. The new game was released this morning with many pre-registered members and received valuable gifts. But do not worry, the game is still a healthy place for all gamers in the world with the game is well balanced.

Excellent heir

The “gumi” producer is one of the pioneers of the Japanese mobile game series with community favourites such as Chain Chronicle (2013), Crystal of Re: union, Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius (2015), and obviously BRAVE FRONTIER, … because this article will introduce the next part of the game called Brave Frontier 2. Let me explore some points to note the game offline.

Still, keep up the style

Brave Frontier 2 will be a mobile game with good graphics with familiar turn-based gameplay. You will lead an army of your own and set out to conquer the hardships that await you. The world is incredibly chaotic, and you are the only chance to fulfil the mission entrusted by the people. Its gameplay is also straightforward as you only need to use two actions on the screen: Tap and Swipe to control your army using the right timing and location. But what’s vital about gaming is your keen intellect in counting the damage done, the character’s resistance and even the cooldown of the attack.

The gameplay will be based on a new battle system that looks quite similar to the XBB (Cross Brave Burst), so maybe this will be a game with fast fighting style, powerful and very new design skills. And yet you will have to fight hard to collect for yourself the characters that can serve your gameplay. However, a battle in the game only allows you to put in 4 figures so, you have to consider your very own collection to be able to give the best tactics to destroy the opponent.


The Brave Frontier 2 game will provide an extensive character system of up to 48 characters divided into different classes based on their function in battle. They will be gladiators with tremendous endurance in the task of fending off the onslaught of enemies to create enough space for allies to damage the enemy team comfortably. Or will the gunners extraordinarily fragile but with the damage caused by time exceptionally steady and strong. If the task of preventing the enemy deep into your squad for the tanker, keeping the whole team stable blood and buff for teammates strong skills will be the work of supporters. Players will have to learn how to use these characters’ skills to arrange them into a fit squad and make the most of their strength on the battlefield. Just use your skill and time alignment better than your opponent, which means you have a winning hand in hand.


The Brave Frontier 2 APK game will be the sum of the battle to overcome the boss and the PvP choking to compare power, creative thinking. With boss battles, you will have to go through many stages to face powerful bosses, possessing many strange skills. The soldiers you meet before will try to wear down your vitality so that bosses can destroy you more easily. So keep up the good work, try to keep your team in the best condition. But the stronger your opponent, the stronger the damage and the higher you will be able to cope with. So you need to upgrade character as well as equipment. One of the most effective supporters in battle will be the dragons. Recruit and evolve them to gain some of the power in battle.

This will be a battle of many different factions like the villains from the brutal empire, talented strategists from the city commanders, scientists or powerful warriors be present in this battle. Do not hesitate !!! Armed with weapons and commanded his army to reach glorious victories, bring peace to the people throughout the continent.

MOD v1
1. High Player Damage
2. High Pet Damage
3. High HP
4. Instant BB (fill directly with just one stone)
5. Instant SBB (fill directly with just one stone)
6. Character Slots increased to 65.000

NOTE: The Damage is a roulette, every round another units of your team have the super power. Sometimes all, sometimes 2, sometimes only the pet. Happy roulette =D HP works for all, always.

MOD v2
1. Instant Win
2. High HP
3. Character Slots increased to 65.000

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