Bruce Lee Dragon Run (MOD ad-free)


About 50 years ago, a Chinese legend shocked the world. He became famous when he proved to the Europeans that the Asians were not weak. Westerners have mistaken it for so long. With his martial arts moves and the spread of the cinema industry at the time, Bruce Lee has made many people start to feel interested in Asian martial arts. The phrase “kungfu” was born thanks to the work of Bruce Lee.

As years went by, besides the cinematographic works produced by himself Bruce, many products get the brand “King of Kungfu” for PR for yourself. Long-running films revolve around his life, comic books borrowed from martial arts and action games. But if your image is attached to the martial arts, it becomes too boring compared to the market is too harsh today. Bruce Lee Dragon Run is a new creation with an unrelated martial arts style but is inspired by Bruce Lee. It is a new product of Ketchapp – one of the most famous minigame manufacturers in France. Their games always meet the elements “beautiful – easy to play – Addictive” up their game remains extremely competitive in the market today.

“ Runs as far as possible”

Bruce Lee will be driving you on extremely difficult terrain and how to stretch the distance as far as possible. The game is almost identical to Temple Run but adds a lot of new features. Because the gameplay nature of this game is not constrained by a single rule, it simply “runs as far as possible”.

Although the name of the game is Bruce Lee Dragon Run, there are still a lot of characters to choose from. This ensures that the game will not be too boring because the player must control a character over and over again. 16 characters are available but you must have enough money to unlock them. Do not be discouraged as soon as the money is easier to earn than the first game a lot.

Of course, a good Kungfu superstar must fight the bad guys. Many evil ninjas ambush on the journey to stop you. Do not worry, show the martial arts power of Bruce Lee and his friends in order to destroy all enemies and move forward. In addition, there will be “Bonus Dragon Zone” so you can use the true power of Dragon, a symbol of the ancient Chinese greatness. The control system of the game is also extremely smooth and easy to familiar so you are assured. The character also moves swiftly so there is no need to worry about game problems during play


Actually, the character was adapted and changed a lot from the original. But your team can still be recognized easily because their characteristics are still put into the game skillfully. The surrounding landscape is also very strange design with a third view from the top down new.


Ketchapp games have a certain appeal to gamers around the world. Not because it is too great or because of the terrible investment, but because it is easy to play and addictive because the gameplay is fast and continuous. Therefore, Bruce Lee Dragon Run MOD will certainly continue to be loved.

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