Burm Icon Pack APK (Update v1.4.2) Mod


Burm – Icon Pack is a fun and cool symbol pack designed by A1 Design. Currently, Burm – Icon Pack is being sold for $ 0.99 on the popular app market. The iconic app icon on your phone will give you a new look, sharp and colorful colors.

Download Burm Icon Pack APK (Update v1.4.2) Mod for Android

The application icons will be coated outside a fresh color, sharp, all colors will make your phone screen become more lively than ever. The icons are perfectly designed and high definition 192x192px, ready to make your mobile become beautiful, clear. The number of icons is up to 1150 and is updated weekly. The icon is designed in a very standard and careful vector style. Burm – Icon Pack is compatible with many launchers and specifically contains no ads. The icons will be updated weekly and monthly.

In order to download and use this application, users need to download Apex Launcher and set it as the default theme on your machine. Then you apply Burm – Icon Pack running with Apex Launcher. Continue to change the settings of Apex Launcher as follows:
For main screen settings, select vertical 5×4; Drawer, 6×4 vertical and 30% Drawer background transparency for best color. Dock: choose the number of dock icons is 5. Also, the advanced settings choose the size of the icon is 130% of the text icon by default system.

Burm Icon Pack APK achieves high performance in low light and easy to use. Your phone screen will become cool, bright and colorful. You can customize the icon by theme and Burm – Icon Pack also supports many launchers such as Apex, ADW, Go, Holo, Nova, Pro, KK, Solo, Smart, Action, S, UI 5.0, Inspire, Lollopop, L, Dodol, Zero, AdwEx, Atom, Aviate, Lucid, Themer, CM Theme Engine, Mini, Nemus, Next, Nine, Unicon, Epic, ABC, Evie, LG Home V, Zen UI, Zero, Arrow … and many other laucnhers also bundled this application support.
If there are some icons missing from the application, please feel free to send them to the manufacturer for them as soon as possible. Download Burm-Icon Pack via the link below

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