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Canva will replace all other complex photo editors to give you a photo as you like. Simple to believe!

Adobe System is the most famous company in the world with PC-based graphic design products such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Illustrator. This software was developed very early, since the late 1990s and until now, it has become an indispensable part of creating media publications. However, this software is quite complex and require users to have the basic knowledge. With the strong development of the media industry, it seems that everyone needs to use design software but not everyone has time to learn how to use this software. Therefore, compact and easy-to-use graphics applications were born and Canva is the solution to all these problems. With this application, you can create unique media products right on your mobile device without learning any knowledge!

What is Canva?

Before understanding the features of this app, let’s see what Canva is and how it can help you? Canva is a simple design application and it provides the most useful tools for you to create communication products for individuals, businesses, and organizations. It provides many templates to choose from and customize with just a few simple drags and drop operations. Moreover, this application also provides you with a collection of unique layouts and backdrops so you can sketch ideas and develop your ideas on the best topics.

Graphic Design & Logo, Flyer, Poster maker…

This application has been developed with 3 main features: creating charts, creating printing products, and editing photos. I will introduce each feature in the section below, first of all creating a chart.

Create a chart

The chart is used to represent the relationship of data in a visual and compact way. However, charting applications are often complex and difficult to use, but in this application, you can create charts with just a few simple steps. First, you choose the type of chart (round, column, line, combination). The second step, you enter the data to represent. Step 3, add available images from the library and edit colors, fonts, and essentials. After doing the 3 steps above, you have completed your chart and you can download or share. However, if you want to create a chart in a simpler way, you can choose the chart templates available in the library. After that, you enter the data and the system will return results within seconds. This feature is very useful, the developer has tried to build the best and most popular templates on the market. However, you can also customize the look the way you want.

Create printing products

Card Visit, invitation cards, gift vouchers, postcard, wedding cards, Flyer, Letter Head, …. is what you can design in this app. Do you want to update the printing products quickly? You can refer to the templates in the Canvas library. Want to design a unique printing product? This application will assist you in creating the most unique ideas with hundreds of sample layers and backgrounds quickly. Not only that, but these products also have a very high resolution so you can print your design products on paper, with even better quality on the screen. Currently, there are many users who choose Canva to design Card Visit and all kinds of cards by simple, intuitive and totally free features.

Photo editing

If you’ve ever thought that Canvas only supports design for users, that’s not entirely true. This application is not only a useful design software but it also integrates a professional photo editor. Your photos are tilted? The layout of the photo is not perfect? Or the light of the photo is not enough to make it stand out? The following tools will help you have a perfect picture like never before!

– If your photo is tilted, you can use the “rotate” tool to adjust the photo to be shorter. Don’t let your photo twist like dull landscape paintings hanging on the wall, your photo could be more perfect. With the ‘rotate’ tool, your photo will automatically be adjusted to become straight and shorter.
– If you are not satisfied with the layout of the photo, use the ‘crop photo’ tool to adjust the layout and have a better frame. Canvas allows you to resize, combine existing photos from the library and add photo frames to make your photo more unique.
In addition, you can also add text with awesome fonts, create speech bubbles, blur or make the photo transparent, use color filters to change the color and effect of the photos, grid design, … and many other features for you to explore.

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