Cartoon Network Party Dash (MOD money)


Cartoon Network Party Dash – Whatever comes from an American media channels, Cartoon Network has recently re-gaming market when combined with Crystal Fish Games launches new products – Cartoon Network Party Dash. Released by his father, Party Dash inherited all of the ideas of the characters in CN’s film We Bare Bears, which combined with Ben 10. The use of resources to invest in Party Dash showed the extremely wise plan – an arrow hit 2 targets of CN. With that much work in hand with its predecessors, the name and charisma of CN are undeniable, promising Party Dash this time will again bring success to the company.

Cartoon Network Party Dash is a story about a bear in We Bare Bears, Ben 10. In their party, there are strangers appearing to break their party. What will come, the bear with Ben 10 and his friends decided to pursue the stranger and retaliate what they did. And so Cartoon Network’s adventure started.

Villains have crashed the party!

In Cartoon Network Party Dash, you will become one of the party characters, on the way to find the mastermind. Unlike most other adventure games, the Cartoon Network Party Dash moves in a horizontal or vertical direction. There are a few openings that you can jump into; there are obstacles or ghosts, pigeons,… The logs you can use a normal attack to destroy, ghost too. But if you let the ghost touch you first, you lose a blood point. If you have 0 points, you lose.

Time to crash back in PARTY DASH!

Along the way will appear gold coins, they are instrumental. Instead of spending too much time attacking ghosts, try to dodge them quickly and collect gold coins. Each character you choose can change the costume. Party Dash also supports additional equipment, making it available when there is enough material to help you through the screen easier. With so many different levels and levels, you can enjoy the experience and conquer.


The stylish 2D design and cartoon style of the Cartoon Network provide an extremely popular first-person experience for those of you who have been watching this TV for a long time. The details and pictures are meticulously invested, careful. Effects and speed are speedy and stable. Simple interface, with only two navigation buttons and one attack button. This greatly facilitates the gameplay and makes it easier for players to view the game.


As a viral game from Cartoon Network, this game is sure to bring you a very entertaining entertainment experience. Have a familiar graphic style and engaging gameplay, what else do you have to wait for? Please share with your friends to both have pleasant moments.

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