Cheerleaders Revenge 3 Mod APK v1.1 (Full/Unlock All Levels)


Cheerleaders Revenge 3 – Breakup Girl Story Games is an exciting role-playing game for girls released by Hugs N Hearts. Come to this game, you will be joining the club Cheer with the girl and guy dynamic, beautiful and extremely personal. But you know, in that world is not peaceful, let us learn more about this game below.

Download Cheerleaders Revenge 3 Mod APK v1.1 (Full/Unlock All Levels) for Android

In Cheerleaders Revenge 3 – Breakup Girl Story Games, you will see a story about Haley Peterson, a cheerleader in Cheerleader. She is the most fortunate girl in the world, the best player in the school team and the eldest boyfriend Jason, her best friend Evelyn. But everything changed this girl’s life after the final of the rugby match, Haley accidentally hit the floor and broke her leg, which led to her leaving the championship. National Cheerleader competition. Not only that, her best friend dating with Jason sneaky behind Haley. Both career and boyfriend, close friends left her at the same time. Haley’s place in the club was also lost to Evelyn. And you will be the helper of this pitiful girl who regains the spirit of this great shock.

Eventually, Haley will be discharged and returned home, your task is to check the wound to see if she is well and decide whether to return to practice in the final tournament or not? Or the decision between friendship and love, find her the correct answer and the most correct. And what do you know about the friendship between these girls? Evelyn is always jealous of Haley and tries to take over the halo that Haley has. Not only that, Jason also sent the message to Haley, what is going on with this girl? Let’s find out the true story behind this game.

High school life is not that simple, and our main character is playing in a series of unexpected events. Download this game and enjoy it via the link below.

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