Chrono Blade APK (Update v1.0.3) MOD

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  • December 10, 2017
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  • Version: 1.4.8
  • Category: RPG
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  • Update: July 25, 2018 at 12:30 am
  • Available at: Google Play

When it comes to Japan, anime and manga have become a particular cultural feature. You can see those characters in so many places in the land of the rising sun. You can now own the anime and manga world with the online Chrono Blade game. The game was provided by Japan’s leading game maker, Lionship Studion of NC Japan. Chrono Blade is currently the latest in the RPG series, gaining a lot of fans.

Chrono Blade APK is an action-packed action-oriented fighting game, involving multiple players, each with different abilities. When participating in the game users are entitled to choose any character that you like. Battle in the game simulates the process of scrambling for items, territories, rewards between the groups. As a traditional action game, Chrono Blade’s gameplay is not much different from the other games in the series, but the game features a lot of new features. In which players are allowed to use more movement buttons and combat.

Have you tried fighting and sacrificing yourself for others? As a game where teamwork is highly expressed, members of a team not only have to work together in combat but also share difficulties and challenges in every situation. Over the course of each level, the level of danger will increase, requiring players to improve their technique and strength, looting the densely populated ones, and progressively harder bosses. The most powerful tool for gamers is the items that are always available in the shop, all of which are exchanged for trophies that the party fights during battle.

If you are a high-quality graphics enthusiast, you can not miss the Chrono Blade. The game possesses the perfect design of the image and sound. The characters in the game are inspired by the original anime. Moreover, the game also picked up the trend of fashion with the costumes, armor extremely impressive and beautiful. The main interface of the game is the system of beautiful scenery, can be scenes on a brilliant mountain, in a magnificent castle or a green prairie. Participating in the game players like being contemplated for a picture with a harmonious combination of colors extremely impressive. Using Chrono Blade’s automatic sound mode, Chrono Blade offers a high level of entertainment for the gaming market, assuring quality with complete content design and pictures.

Compared to other games of the same genre, the Chrono Blade game has many new and interactive features:

  • Allows you to read the character’s name in the game and a graph showing the strength of the character.
  • Enables users to use more group techniques, improve the ability to use new weapons.
  • The enemy rating system helps players determine their level of danger.
  • A personalized chat frame for contacts and increased connectivity.

Chrono Blade game is an excellent choice for everyone to enjoy after hours of stressful work. You are ready to connect with the world of Chrono Blade, the link of the game is available on the mobile device to help users easy and fast to download.

– Max Stats
– Critical does OHK
– Freeze Enemies (auto)

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