Clash Of Robots


Clash Of Robots will be a beautiful and engaging game because of its fast pace. Players will be stunned if they are not familiar with this genre game as it happens very fast, just like a real battle in the ring. Indeed, the game is set in real-time mode, so the attacks or attacks launched to calculate the time to strike the exact precision not to be manipulated. The opponent will miss opportunities to gain advantage or be able to win the game.

Battle of the robots with amazing robots

Clash Of Robots is a perfect combination of the elements of human thinking and tactics with the strength and toughness of the robot in a fair game. Arena and character are put in a difficult situation; you can only look forward, fighting frenzy to win or die. The future world has no tolerance for the weak.

Futuristic Fights

Fight one on Career Mode with three rounds to learn how to move. Indeed when entering this game, even if the player has played a lot of games of the same type is also a little surprised by the tempo and its complicated moves to gain advantages over the opponent difficult. So designers add to Career Mode to make it easier to learn how to move and how to attack so that when entering battle you will not have to fumble when fighting enemies who cannot move smoothly. This is a training environment and is exceptionally well prepared for your journey of conquest.

Features and graphics excel

Tournament Mode will give you incredible benefits when overcoming it. Try to use all the skills you have learned and practice hard to get maximum benefits. Everything you get will be handy for enhancing your strength later on. Your efforts will be rewarded, and your name will be known for honours. Fill up the Trophy Room with your glorious victories so that when remembered, it is a rewarding achievement with months of sweat and even blood on the battlefield.

learn skills from the seamless melee combat mechanism and teach your hard-hitting robot attacks and bewildering moves will help you to destroy the rivals deadly jabs, uppercuts & special moves against rivals. Perhaps this is a very difficult game in the fighting genre when it is completely focused on kicking techniques, not a bit tactical.

The player must learn skills from the seamless melee combat mechanics and teach your robot to be able to coordinate with his teammates. But combining the same idea is not likely to beat the opponent, so you need to hard-hitting attacks and bewildering moves, deadly jabs, uppercuts and special moves that will help you crush the robot and win faster. The better.

Sum up

Clash Of Robots Mod is a very well-invested game of Timuz Games both in graphics and sound. When playing the game, you will understand that with the smooth movements of the character and the precise interaction of the operator with the robot. The attractive sound depicts the cruelty when the gladiator’s gestures touch each other with the heavy metal.

Thanks to that the game has reached over 1 million downloads in just half a month, a huge number. Clash Of Robots takes us to an extremely destructive futuristic world, but there is no shortage of interesting things to explore. Please download the game and get to know everyone.

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