Creative Destruction (MOD Full)


eIf PUBG does not make you happy with the game’s too brutal or the size of the game is too large and too high on the processor, you can refer to the game Creative Destruction. The game was released by ZuoMasterDeveloper and featured lifelike gameplay. In addition, the game has many new features and many other strengths such as the capacity of the game are low, the image is designed in the direction of animated style, the surrounding landscape has bright colours, new functions like building or destroying buildings, etc. Come to Creative Destruction and join the war on the island in the middle of the blue ocean!

How to play

The game will take place when there are 100 players. You and 99 other players will be taken to a distant island at sea. The first thing you need to do is to choose a place to do the parachute jump to the ground and start the game. Equipment and weapons appear on the ground. You need to quickly move and collect enough to prepare for the confrontation with other players. Kill all the players you see. There are no rules in this game, the last one will be the winner. The fighting rate is 1 vs 100, observation and knowing how to take advantage of the game will help players survive longer, which means that the survival rate will increase. It is advisable for you to take advantage of everything around you, such as hiding in a house and waiting for an opportunity to destroy an enemy, using roadside vehicles to move faster, collect, create and build a defence for your own …

New features

Creative Destruction is a very interesting game. This game offers you 2 game modes namely TPS and FPS. This is a new integration that games of the same genre have not. In terms of graphics, Creative Destruction favours animated style trends, distinct from the true graphics of PUBG. In Creative Destruction, the character is designed with a variety of personalities rather than just the form of a soldier as other survival games. And in this game, you can build your own in the way you want. This is another difference from PUBG. You can build a house to hide, build a high ladder to help you observe and look for other opponents … You can also destroy your old building when the safe area Once you have narrowed down, then you can build a new building in the new safe area!

Weapon system

It must be said that the weapon system of this game is extremely terrible compared to similar survival games. Short guns, Gatling guns, rifles, or heavier weapons such as missiles, cannons are also included. Become a sniper, a destroyer with a rocket, or a gunner with rare pistols depending on your choice. Pick up the weapon you want and start your fight, do not let anyone live!


Creative Destruction MOD is the ultimate survival game for 2018. The game’s capacity is approximately 81MB, very lightweight and suitable for many different models. Join the Creative Destruction and claim yourself by destroying all your innocents! Install and participate in the battle!

– Auto Aim (Scope or Aim to activate)
– Aim Lock – Scalp or Aim to activate
– Damage 80%
– High Accuracy
– Supports all equipment
– Aimbot / AimAssist
– Shoot No Snake
– Shoot without tension
– Shoot away
– Connect Google Account
– AntiBan & Lag Lag

– GOD MODE (increase armor)

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  1. Is this site and mod legit?

  2. I want you guys hack pixel gun pls

  3. How to properly intall it because I
    1.Installed the game
    2.Copied Obb
    3.Open the game
    4.Error reinstall the game

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