Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past (MOD, Unlimited Energy/Free Examines)


Are you a fan of Sherlock Holmes or Detective Conan? Have you ever wanted to be a great detective and get involved in a complicated case, deciphering signs that could be significant evidence at the scene and bring the killer out of sight? To The answer, of course, is not, because everyone loves the feeling of finding solutions to severe problems or hidden truths behind the screen, and with that the main feeling When you can replace the murdered people accuse the killer. But not everyone can become a good detective, nor is there any predestination for a career that requires a lot of sights, brilliance, erudition, and so on. That is why the Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past – a very cool game style detective Contains ads released.

This is not a new game if not too familiar to many. But since its birth to now, this is still a unique and novel game genre compared to other types of games follow the template. Even though the game is not quite as familiar, the game does not lose its appeal to players with mysterious cases that always motivate their curiosity and desire to find out the truth.

Become a detective

Come to Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past, you will be playing a high detective in Europe in the late nineteenth century. And then you and your partner join in the murder of extremely tough murder cases. You will have to go to the scene, look for suspicious objects in a series of objects there (and of course have the guidance of the system). Then, you will rely on the evidence found at the scene to track the suspects and gradually see the truth with the cruel killers. The shorter time to recover suspicious items, you will The higher the score. And after completing a mission chapter of the case, you will receive a star along with your bonus. Complete the situation and get enough stars, you can open up the new position. There are a lot of mysterious and exciting cases waiting for you so make sure you are a smart detective and extremely sharp to be able to decipher them quickly!

Smart as Sherlock Holmes

Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past offers you a world of detectives and charismatic cases. Each case is a story, with features such as evidence-based search or analysis, the game gives you a challenging newness from which you can guess who the suspect is. Or not. You will find evidence from the scene where you can find witnesses or suspects, talk to them to see loopholes or suggestions for where to look for evidence. And after collecting enough evidence, you will be able to take the killer out of the light and return the victim to justice. It’s a great experience, how do you feel?

Graphics and sound

The nineteenth-century European social simulation game with realistic graphics and live action. Combining images and dialogues makes it easier for players to capture the case better. Many characters with different shapes and dark brown colour for the mainframe to bring the classic direction is very suitable for the time in the game. The sound does not have so many highlights beyond the “ting” sound when you find new evidence or find a witness or suspect, … But overall, the graphics and sound of the game enough. to bring you an exciting and enjoyable experience.

Sum up

Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past is a unique and fascinating game for those who love the story of the detective. And for anyone who wants to challenge himself with a terrible case to measure his intellect, his ability to analyse the situation, and his ability to become a great detective, this is the best choice for you. Maybe after playing this game, you will get the excellent skills of a detective and can apply them smoothly in real life to make your life monotonous. So more interesting also do not know.

MOD Info?

You can examine without needing stars, and you can play levels without needing energy, just turn on free stages from MOD MENU once you run out of energy.

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