Crush Them All (MOD, Unlimited Flooz)

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  • August 21, 2019
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Role-playing games that work on the idle game are really attractive to players. Because basically, it meets a lot of things that make them feel relaxed. It is quite similar to the role-playing game, but only that the control mechanism is adjusted to be most comfortable, no need to manipulate too much on the screen. This is a pretty commendable step in the gaming industry because it will serve those who are too busy and still want to entertain.

Crush Them All serves exactly that need to get the attention of many game enthusiasts around the world. More than 1 million people have enjoyed this product; now it’s your turn to continue that arduous journey. Logging into the game, you can still care about all the elements around you easily because basically, it does not require players to care too much. You just need to put your hero in the position you want and then let them fight it. Joking! You can start the game and take a bath and eat something, come back, your character has become dominant. Your heroes are also not weak. During the battle, these characters are also able to collect all the items that fall from the opponent.

Ultimate Heroes Battle RPG

Crush Them All is a real role-playing game where you can collect heroes to fight for you. They bring in different individual skills, capable of fighting in many situations. Collecting heroes is only a matter of time when you will soon be able to own them. But the problem is how to arrange these people to maximize their strength in battle. If you have identified a favorite squad, do not hesitate to upgrade them continuously in the store. Do you remember the artifacts they picked up? Equip the most energetic characters for your favorite characters so they can carry the team.

The operation mechanism of this game is extremely simple, a true idle game. The player has only one action to do during the play process is to touch a screen with one finger. All your heroes will automatically hit, and players just need to contact the parameters below the screen to upgrade skills in real time always. Besides, players can touch the moves placed right on the index. They will immediately deploy and fight for you.

EXPLORE 1000+ stages

The personal battles are, of course, a lot of players choose for themselves. But apart from that basic regime, there are still guild battles that are expected by many people. You will lead your friends into this bloody battle. Certainly, the bosses in that mode are always stronger and harder to destroy. But with the synergistic spirit of many people and their newly equipped forces will also win. Besides, “Crush Them All” also allows players to craft items themselves to fight enemies. It will help a lot of players in creating characters with strength and fighting style that suits you.

MOD Info?

• Gain 10000 Flooz for each additional Unit Slot you’ll unlock
• Gain 10000 Flooz for each additional Skill Slot you’ll unlock
• Gain 10000 Flooz for each additional Normal Artifact Slot Unlocked
• Gain 10000 Flooz for each additional Event Artifact Slot Unlocked

** Notes: these mods have a high ban chance. So far, the only safe way to use it seems to be to immediately spend all your Flooz when you gain them thanks to the hack.

How to avoid the ban?

I using the Blue Stack emulator. (Step 1-3 in emu)
1. Sign in with your Google account.
2. Install crush them all
3. In game. Open setting and sync with your google play.

(Step 4-6 in your phone/device)
4. Reinstall crush them all on your mobile phone.
5. Close popup “you banned”.
6. Done. You will start with a fresh save again.

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