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If you are looking for a PS2 emulator for Android, DamonPS2 Pro is a perfect choice

Previous up to now, game consoles have always been appreciated because it is the enthusiasm of the manufacturer. Console devices were made for gaming, so game makers were able to show off their talents in terms of gameplay, graphics, and storyline. This has created a lot of blockbusters that until today, people still often mention it whenever they want to play a certain kind of game. However, the era of change and the mechanism of gameplay have also shifted a lot. You can’t help but mention the role of smartphones in gaming at the moment. Casual games, simple puzzle games, and kid games are already on this operating system for a long time. But recently, complicated games have to be required to play on pc about five years ago and can wait on smartphones. You can play colossal world simulation games, MMORPG or MOBA comfortably on mid-range devices.

So if some people want to play old console games again but don’t have a device to play, what should they do? The smartphone is the best solution. The emulator that you can find right on Google Play is a great tool to help you with this. DamonPS2 Pro is a savior when it can simulate almost all PS2 games right on your smart device. But there is one obstacle that makes it difficult for players to access this application, which is that it is sold at a high price. For our apk file, everything is unlocked for free.

Works with over 90% PS2 roms

As I said before, its main feature is to turn your Smartphone into the most powerful PS2. Even if you have to exploit with all its power, it can be seen that it serves features that are more powerful than original devices. “DamonPS2 Pro” is an open source application so players can only apply it on Android OS. However, for those who often play games, a smartphone running Android OS is too easy. If your device uses the latest technologies such as Snapdragon 835 845 (like Samsung Galaxy S9 S8 Note8 6) then surely your game experience is extremely smooth, but with the device using the slightly older model chips, you can still play the game without any difficulty.

It seems that 90% of PS2 games are compatible with this application so players can concentrate on continuing their passion. However, for some games, there will be graphics errors. These errors are not so massive that you can ignore them if you encounter them. Players can improve by setting max settings for their device so that it works best. Note that there will be minor errors you often see that the screen of the phone is different from the display of the game. Usually, there are more than 60% of games having this problem, so a device with a large screen area will be much more convenient. The remaining matches are 100% compatible with the screen, and they are all popular products. So players should experience the popular game first to avoid encountering this small error the first time.

Intuitive control, customizing everything according to your preferences

When you use the app, you will have to play a game console on your smartphone. That means there won’t be a standalone physical MFi device so you can control the game. All control operations will be done right on the device screen via emulation images. “DamonPS2 Pro” provides players with extremely high customization capabilities for each device. You can create an MFi controller and place it where you want, just as convenient. Besides, with these buttons, players even play games smoother than before, thanks to the technology integrated right in a while playing. There will be no medium of transmission. As long as you order, the character immediately manipulates.

In addition to the support while playing the game, DamonPS2 Pro gives players a lot of graphical settings. Players will see FPS to prevent the loss of the phone’s resources and cause abnormal lag. You just need to see the erratic FPS; you can quickly fix the causes immediately. The output resolution will be displayed and monitored regularly. It is quite useful for gamers following the gaming process.

User manual!
  • Download the APK file, BIOS of DamonPS2 Pro, please select the version you need
  • To search for PS2 ROMs, please visit romsmania.cc
  • Unzip the BIOS file
  • Open the application, point to the BIOS file, then open the PS2 ROMs file and enjoy
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