Dawn of Zombies (MOD, Unlocked Items)


The current survival game has become so familiar to players around the world. Any game maker who wants to have a stable position in the game market must produce a survival game on their own. Moreover, it must be a survival game that takes people to the most classic disaster in the game village. That catastrophe is the apocalypse, everything is destroyed, and people enter the most challenging time in their history on this earth. Each game has a different way of storytelling, but it is well received and supported by many people. Another factor that makes a game more appealing is Zombies. This is an inevitable thing. Although many people know about zombies, it continues to be developed and creative, giving players the most engaging experience possible. Dawn of Zombies meets all three elements, so it is currently loved by many people.


The current survival game has evolved to a very different level when objects can harm you, not just zombies anymore. When you have to live in such a deprived and terrible world, you can only trust yourself. Never be wary of things that exist around you. Anything can take your life in Dawn of Zombies. This game will be an online simulator that allows players to experience the real feeling in an MMO environment. Which means that with this gameplay, players will have to interact with a lot of unexpected elements, not just a pre-designed offline game.

Another improvement of Dawn of Zombies compared to older games is the upgrade of the opponents you will encounter in the game. Zombies will now become more powerful and dangerous than before. Nearly all of them have good reflexes, large size, and the ability to handle intellectual skills. Besides, this species has its special powers and abilities. Besides the main enemies are zombies, other enemies like hunger, aberrations, fanatical mutants, diseases, and radiation. And finally, the most dangerous enemy you face often is the other survivors.

Survival after the Last War

Dawn of Zombies is a simulation game that combines well with role-playing when players will use their power to survive in a terrible world. You will be a fortunate individual who survives the apocalypse, so everything around can become a threat. At the early levels, when you have just woken up after a disaster, you probably don’t own anything. At this time, don’t be foolish and rush to fight with the strongest enemies. Your network is the most precious thing in that game. Players will have to slowly collect everything to prepare for their future life and prepare for the upcoming battle too. Do whatever it takes to get yourself enough clothes to keep warm, cut down trees to make houses, and search for food to survive every day. A new aspect of the game is that you can use the resources you own to communicate with others.

MOD V1 Info?
  • Enemy Can’t Attack (Enemy can still attack you but only once)
  • **Requires Rooted Device (You need an Android device available root, try Nox Emulator)
MOD V2 Info?
  • Multi Damage/Defense
  • Free Craft/Construction
  • Anti-ban
  • **No Root Requires
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One thought on “Dawn of Zombies (MOD, Unlocked Items)

  1. Not working properly, it’s not letting me to go to the map and even not completing the task, such as kill the charred near the house and I’ve killed it but still the task is not completed. I’m really annoyed.

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