Day R Premium (MOD caps/soldier)


Day R Premium is a survival role-playing game in the big expansion world. Can you survive the world destroyed by nuclear war? Day R Premium for Android will help you answer that question. The Day R Premium Android platform takes place at a time when the world is approaching the doomsday by a devastating nuclear war. Radiation, hunger and disease cover everywhere. Players must travel throughout the country to rescue their families. Who knows if they are alive or have been infected with radioactive and deadly viruses? Be brave forward, decipher this catastrophic secret, regain memories in the 1980s crossing the Soviet Union.

Surviving after the disaster is not easy. The player faces a real battle of life and death, the fight against monsters, dead bodies, thirsty, disease, injustice and bloodthirsty enemies. Of course, in order to fight them, the player must make weapons, clothing, and vehicles from all the collected resources.

Benefits of buying Day R Premium for Android

  • 2,500 explosives in each new game
  • Disabling button advertising
  • Store data in any location
  • Unlimited chat
  • Send unlimited packages
  • Access all types of map and color markers

Main feature

  • Game hard to survive: “Hunger, zombie, and radiation will not give players the opportunity to relax even only a second.
  • Real World: Seasonal changes, huge Soviet maps and over 2,500 different towns and cities. Hunt animals but beware the mice because they can seriously injure the player. Visit the world’s wildest danger ever
  • Endless possibilities: Many materials to create, special skills and huge “ammo”
  • Humans and stories include many interesting quests, assisting allies in a large open world
  • Improve skills: make machinery, make medicine, chemical experiment and much more
  • Collaboration mode: Online mode features chat, equipment exchange, and combat. In other words, Day R
  • Premium for Android is a thrilling multi-player survival game

Highlight features of Day R Premium survival game for Android

  • Production systems include resources, hunting, finding useful objects or weapons, and creating their own equipment
  • Simulation games are challenging
  • Journey through the wild-world map in multi-player mode
  • Difficulty level options: sandbox, real life or online

Updated in the new game Day R Premium for Android

  • Additional ironwork table for blacksmith
  • Adds features to disassemble buildings without wasting resources
  • Bug fixes

War never changes. In 1985, the Soviet Union collapsed in front of an anonymous foe. These days the whole country becomes a radioactive wasteland. Violence, hunger and thirst, epidemic control everywhere. You are the only one who can defeat death and the last hope of the living. Help them escape this dreary disaster in Day R Premium.

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3 thoughts on “Day R Premium (MOD caps/soldier)

  1. Your file name mentions caps, does it refer to the 2500 premium bonus or some form of unlimited caps if its the latter then my file received no such cap bonus if its the prior your file name is rather misleading and what does it mean by soldier?

  2. That doesn’t answer my question in the least. Its actually a very weak evasion. What does the (cap/soldiers) refer to?

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