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Adventure, violence and zombie massacres. Fans of The Walking Dead series will be familiar with Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO, an upcoming game by Gameloft. A post-apocalypse world that is full of chaos, contradictions, deaths and bloody zombie massacres await you in Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO. Many Gameloft fans and fans are eagerly awaiting Dead Rivals – the Zombie MMO after its release of the trailer game in May of 2017 along with interesting information about the game.

As always, let’s start with some information about Gameloft.

In 1999, the Guillemot brothers co-operated with Europe’s third-largest game publisher, Ubisoft Entertainment S.A., to establish Gameloft SA. The company specialises in developing mobile games and console games on platforms such as Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, Chrome OS, Web OS, Sony, Nintendo, Wii. , Zeebo. The first headquarters of Gameloft SA is located in France. To date, the company has more than 17 offices in countries around the world, including Vietnam. Assassin’s Creed, Heroes: The Official Mobile Game, The Oregon Trail, Asphalt series, Rise of the Lost Empires, American Popstar: Road to Celebrity or Hero of Sparta are the titles that made Gameloft’s name. The game has won many awards in the world and has huge gamers. In May 2017, Gameloft released a trailer for Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO, and now, although not yet officially launched, Zombie-themed survival games are highly appreciated by game users and critics. So, what makes Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO worth the wait?

World of Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO: dark, dim and hopeless need to be rescued. Take up your gun and start fighting!

Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO is set on Earth before the apocalypse. A game is not a pleasant prospect of apocalyptic days. The world in the Dead Rivals in the days before the apocalypse, engulfed in chaos. Those who died in the grave are ăut in the form of cruel and bloodthirsty corpses. Being among the last survivors, you will have to fight to survive and rescue people or be eaten by zombies.

The gameplay of “Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO” is quite simple and does not require many complicated operations. So players only need to focus on attacking, defending and coordinating strategy with their teammates to complete the game level. Winning after each level, players will unlock more shelters for everyone and receive rewards worth their effort. With bonuses earned after each level, you can use them to upgrade and equip yourself with better weapons of destruction, and improve your abilities. Another thing to keep in mind when playing Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO: Weapons, the goods you confiscate from enemies after destroying them will help you later. With merchandise and weapons confiscated from zombies, you can use them to upgrade new guns and armour.

Graphics and sound effects: Hi there, this is Gameloft!

Gameloft’s graphics have never disappointed gamers. In the Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO this time too, the design team has done excellent work. With only 39 seconds of reveal trailer, the player has somehow been able to see the quality of the game graphics. The game has smooth graphics, eye-catching design, stylish character. Background and environment in the game are well designed. The visual effects of the game meet the standards of a zombie game. However, the graphics of the game has not really convinced me. Zombie and death world of Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO will never be able to scare me at all. Besides visual effects, the sound is also a highlight of the game. Another compliment to Gameloft, because the sound effects in Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO is very cool. The sound effect comes alive to every shot and the screams!

Some information about Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO.

Here is some information about Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO from Gameloft:

  • The game has three types of unique characters and equipment. Players can customise their appearance with their own style and personality.
  • Choose different skills for each challenge and research and manufacture weapons.
  • The role-playing style is classic MMORPG. Players can choose to fight along a given plot or perform individual survival tasks.
  • Connect with players around the world. It is the most interesting point of the game. You will not be alone on the journey of saving the world. Players can team up with other players to participate in international missions.

In a nutshell! This game is worth our wait. However, we have quite sad news: Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO MOD APK has just been launched in the Philippines, so game players will have to wait for a while when the game is officially released worldwide.

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