DEAD TARGET (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Money)


Shooting games still hold an important position in the market and shooters mention fighting issues Zombie is also numerous. DEAD TARGET released in 2014 And until now is still one of the top zombie shooting games. Speaking is released on a lot of platforms and getting the attention of global gamers. As for the community of Google Play, it has achieved more than 50 million downloads and continues to increase this year.

Because many players still love it so much, the game is constantly updated. In my latest version, it will bring interesting things like a completely new event. During this event, players will be able to use two Special guns and will be able to fight Pumpkin zombies. Parallel to that will be the most powerful upgrades that have just been added for endeavors.

Keep your defense up and shoot zombies

Contextual the game is set in 2040 where World War 3 takes place, causing the world to stall. It is also this that makes many other disasters happen continuously. The greatest fear of humanity is the pandemic of Zombie coming and destroying Most of humanity. Players will become one of the most fortunate survivors and the defense battle is now the arena you need to survive. Friends of your teammates are now the last line to keep the earth from being destroyed.

This game works like Most of its brothers. You will be able to control a character using his weapon trying to defeat all zombies on the map. The game will bring a lot of different weapons for players to choose from. You can see it provides at least 20 weapons for the player to choose. You can see familiar things like Rifle, Shotgun, and more or more strange things like electric guns, missiles, … They are capable of upgrading depending on your preferences. Each of these weapons will be able to gain more power every time you level up, and the accessories that you attach to the gun also make it much more versatile. Combat moves will help you fight more easily and become a true assassin. On the battlefield sometimes, it also raises boosts to help you increase your strength and become a fighting machine.

“DEAD TARGET” will set out certain tasks in each stage by your strength. These missions give a lot of valuable rewards that players can easily integrate with teammates. Completing them also makes you gain experience points and rank up. Although this is a shooting game, it can also be said to be a battle survival game. Maybe you will become the last surviving person on the map. The game will give you many different types of maps. In offline matches, you will prevent Zombie from entering the city while still defending the breached frontlines.


1. Unlimited Gold
2. Unlimited Coin
3. Unlimited Ammo
4. No ADS

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2 thoughts on “DEAD TARGET (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Money)

  1. It’s a cool shooting zombie game and i ever played a game like this.
    It’s great and good in grafics and background sound

  2. There no mod on game

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