Do you love movies or horror games? Not only the devil’s content, but it can also be scenes of horrible deaths, jokes that lead to catastrophic deaths, and so on. And DERE EVIL EXE is a game like that. Released by AppSir, Inc., the game is widely praised. Despite the horror label, you can rest assured that anyone can play, because the content of the game is more interesting than you think.

A scary horror film

When you participate in the game, you will play a heroic character named “Knightly”. It is a silent hero who is trying to save the world from the ghostly hands of a mystic. In order to be able to do that, the hero is forced to commit himself to the ghostly world she has created and must find ways to destroy it, find the way out. She will always look at your character during this adventure, making sure your hero does not get caught by the traps she creates on her way.

You will have to pass each turn of the game. After you get past the first level, you can open the second level and keep going. So what in the game would you do? Your goal is to help the character overcome the obstacles and traps along the way, and take the character out of that dangerous horror journey. Only a small mistake, your character will probably die most horribly – it is to shatter into pieces. Although you can live up to it, you should be careful about your steps. You must strictly adhere to the instructions of a voice accompanying you throughout your journey. Especially when encountering a new challenge, move quickly but listen to that voice. If you go straight forward, it’s possible that rock from nowhere will crush you to death right away.

You will move across flat paths separated by deep, high altitudes that make you jump continuously. There are three key presses that you need to use: Left, Right and Jump. You should combine them while on the move. You can jump up 2 times in a row, move forward or backward after missing some “overdone” moves. Everything is acceptable. But be careful where the hedgehogs are, just touch them, you will die. You can use barrels or boxes to move them, use them when crossing a heap or as a claw to jump up, etc. On the way, you will catch the creatures. Walk around, avoiding them at the request of the voice that is watching you. On the way, you will encounter lots of gold coins, but do not foolishly touch them. You can die right after that! Listen to your voice before you act, and move around flexibly. After passing all the levels, the end of the road will be a big surprise for you there!

Classic graphic

The game has a 16-bit graphic design with different scenes through each level, giving you a richer experience. The colours in the game are bright and easy to see, you absolutely do not feel scared.


An exciting game and not at all horrible at all! DERE EVIL EXE MOD is truly a highly entertaining game, and you can comfortably demonstrate your ability to overcome challenges and get rewarding rewards. Get to the end of the road and find the answer to the story.

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