Divine Paradise APK (Update v1.0.4) Mod

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  • December 14, 2017
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As we all know, DOTA 2 has been a success on PC over the years. This is an exciting MOBA game with top-tier tactics. Divine Paradise is like DOTA 2, both of which are set in the medieval period. Famous generals like Warrior, Magician, Archer, Priest … will also appear in this game. Divine Paradise was produced and released by Yufeng Li, a mobile game maker from China. It must be said that China’s mobile game market has been growing rapidly with such popular role-playing games as Rules of Survival. Divine Paradise is no exception as it was just launched a few days ago, the game has received a lot of positive reviews from players. Let’s take a look at the main features of this game.

Download Divine Paradise APK (Update v1.0.4) Mod for Android/iOS

Divine Paradise’s gameplay is similar to Dragon Nest, we still have good but very lovely generals with chibi design. However, the redesigned style is classic European style, not the characters like the Japanese anime. Besides, with modern techniques, all character movements or character effects skills are judged to be very smooth. However, Divine Paradise’s differentiation with other role-playing games is that players can not go around the map and explore the surroundings. Instead, the player must complete the assigned tasks and destroy the boss.

Regarding the plot, Divine Paradise APK follows a famous novel. Yufeng Li has been very respectful of his audience when he follows the plot and takes the game to new heights with many new exciting features. The most exciting part of the game is the online feature. The player can then make friends, join in with his friends. Currently, the game has only one server for all the players of the world, so you can easily play with your friends anywhere, anytime. Character control in Divine Paradise is very simple. Virtual buttons will appear on the touchscreen. Each node will have a different function. Players will have to coordinate their skills for the most effective. Players can also upgrade and customize their characters to suit their needs.

In terms of graphics and sound, Divine Paradise is no worse than any superstar in the world. The game is well invested in sound as well as pictures. Characters are designed in familiar chibi style. Each battle has a lot of background music to create a very pleasant feeling, giving players the enjoyment.  The character system consists of five basic classes that are similar to the Legendary Alliance games: Masters, Duelists, Archers, Assists, and Forests. Each character class has a number of specific characters, and the skills are also very different. So to get used to this game, players will need a long time to learn how each player plays.

Main feature

  • PvP with all the players around the world, showing the strength and bravery of the close friends
  • Make friends, join the party and destroy the boss together
  • Various tasks, each day after login players will receive a number of separate tasks
  • Hundreds of equipment can be bought and used. Then customize and increase the strength of your character
  • Not “Pay-to-win”, completely use the skill to win
  • Supported languages: English, Chinese, Japanese …

Currently, the game is only released iOS version with a capacity of 1GB, we will upload the APK file for Android as soon as it launches officially.

Mod feature

  • Life x2
  • Physical Damage x3
  • Magical Damage x3
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