Dofus Touch (Update v1.11.0) Mod Money/Drop/X5 Damage


Dofus Touch is a mobile version that does not make much difference to the senior on the PC from the Ankama team. It is known that the mobile version of Dofus Touch is a MMORPG with rich content, along with extremely artistic and eye-catching graphics. At first, Dofus Touch was simply a copy of the legendary PC senior.

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Initially, Dofus Touch for Android would require the player to create a new character for himself. The game has 15 characters to choose and unlock gradually such as Iop, Eniripsa, Sadida, Osamodas, Feca, Enutrof or Xelor, etc. Each character in the game possesses the power and design separate that is used depending on the situation to the tanker, support, or attack. In addition, players can customize their characters from costume, skin color, accessories, hair and face. Once you are satisfied with your favorite character, the player can join in the game world. This is a world full of cute creatures, funny or even extremely scary.

Incarnam will be your first level. In this area, the gamers will be guided the basics of the DOFUS Touch. From the tasks, the tricks, the way to plant, collect items, equipment … Gradually through the levels, the character with their own skills gradually unlocked, after each level, the tactics will be pushed up more advanced when you have to use new characters wisely to pass each level.

The maximum level in the DOFUS Touch is 200, but to reach this level, players have to spend a lot of effort, time or even cost. Not only the rich number characters of the game, but also bring a lot of monsters of all kinds waiting for you to discover and destroy. These monsters appear in many caves scattered around the map.
Dofus Touch is actually designed for solo players. However, the tasks in the Dungeon are extremely challenging and almost always require players to form new groups to overcome. The turn-based combat system is quite simple for the first time, but later on, the game will need the higher requirements. A little thing that players should keep in mind is that each mission will have different bonuses, and if completed it can double or even triple the reward and experience points.

In addition, Dofus Touch also owns an impressive weapon system. These accessories sometimes combine with some costumes and accessories to create stunning visual effects. Even with each character, there will be weapons and costumes that are exclusive to them. Finally, the world in Dofus Touch is the competition between two factions. One is the Bontarians, this is a group of good people who love peace, while the Brakmarians are opposition groups, like violence and war. So challenging a player of opposing factions in PvP mode brings you high scores and highs on the rankings.

In short, Dofus Touch is a perfect copy of the PC version on the mobile platform. And due to the particulars of this platform, the trading system does not hold a significant position in the game. But if you’ve ever loved Dofus, one of the oldest MMORPGs in the industry, surely the Dofus Touch mobile will not disappoint you.

Dofus Touch APK Mod: Money/Drop/X5 Damage

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