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From the legendary game developer Brian Reybolds (Civilization II, Rise of Nations), DomiNations for Android is the latest tactical game of this company recently launched not long ago with the attractive introduction. This game is on the top on the tactical game charts in many countries.

DomiNation APK v5.570.570 Mod Money download latest for Android

It is possible to say that at the moment, all eyes focus on Clash of Clans and Boom Beach, so what makes DomiNations APK different from similar titles game and still attract so many players today?
The country’s leaders came to the final victory throughout human beings’ history – from the Stone Age to the century of aerospace! Build your own city into one of the greatest civilizations, and defeat allied opponents with the ultimate goal of becoming the most powerful ruler in the world.

Main features of DomiNation game for Android

– Select the country to get success, earn rewards, special powers and unlock units fighting: England, Rome, China, Germany, France, Japan or Greece.
– Throughout human beings’ history and become the first player to unlock the secret technology of the cavalry, gunpowder, and combat.
– Recruit the generals inspired by the great heroes of humanity,
including Alexander, Cleopatra, and Napoleon!
– Promote the title by building the wonders of the world from the Statue of Liberty to ancient Pyramid.
– Join alliances and cooperate to confront enemies from all over the world
– Conquer the world in single player mode from Fertile Crescent to the Peloponnesian War.

DomiNations APK Mod appear when the gaming market of the empire-building genre is actually saturated. And it is not hard for players to familiarize with familiar gameplay modes: building, defense, combat. To build a powerful empire, it must start with the smallest jobs from reclamation, hunting, developing from the Stone Age to the modern era, conquering other tribes in order to improve forces.

DomiNations Gameplay for Android is considered to be quite innovative and has a lot of hit points compared to the “empire game” becoming so familiar today. However, it is more management-oriented: managing the supply of gold (used to build houses), food (workers use to carry out assigned tasks), and crown (used to increase built speed).

The good thing about this game is that players need to develop their city in stages of history, witness the change of buildings and have access to advanced technology. When your country develops more, you need alliances with other players, compete with alliances of your opponent, and participate in tournaments held regularly. Once you reach the 3rd era (the Stone Age), you can choose one of seven countries, each of which has different technologies and resources.

Graphics are considered to be rather subtle design, although some countries have nicer buildings. The buildings of England, France, and Germany are highlighted in blue, which makes other buildings look bleak and cold. In contrast, the Chinese, Japanese and Greek styles look quite warm.

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