Dragon Quest Rivals (Update v1.0.0) Mod

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  • October 12, 2017
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To speak of the achievements of mobile game development in Asia, Japan is one of the brightest candidates, comparable to that of Korea and even more so. With the Dragon Quest brand being so popular over the years, Square Enix’s newcomer Dragon Quest Rivals will have more opportunities to be loved in Japan and around the world. According to the latest information released by the manufacturer, Dragon Quest Rivals is currently releasing an international version of the game worldwide, fans of the game can download and experience the link that we provided at the end of the article.

New, unique card play gameplay

Card games have never been so appealing to the masses of gamers around the world. In Dragon Quest Rivals for Android/IOS, you will see many familiar characters in the form of a mysterious card. Especially, both Hussein in Dragon Quest X and Camusvaf Martina in Dragon Quest XI will also be joined in the game. The card design of the game is quite similar to Hearthstone, but the gameplay is completely different, unlike popular game today. Battlefields are divided into 3×4 rectangles with two rows on each side. The player’s task is to rationalize their cards to knock down the opponent’s card and attack their HP until they fall down to 0 to win.

Just like Shadowverse, you will control and lead your characters with precious cards, each of which will have different characteristics that we can relate to:
Terry (Warrior): Specialized melee attacks with sharp swords
Jessica (Mage): A magic expert
Torne (Merchant): Unknown
Meena (Fortuneteller): Unknown
Psaro (Magic Knight): Unknown
Angelo (Priest): Healing for the characters
Alena (Martial Artist): Unknown
With what we know, players can arrange the characters to match the best match for themselves.

Sound and graphics

The sound in the game is the most special part when the game is voiced by celebrities such as:
Pankraz (CV: Genda Tessho)
Milly (CV: Tanaka Rie)
Pavo (CV: Shintani Ryoko)
Hyuza (CV: Shimazaki Nobunaga)
Martina (CV: Koshimizu Ami)
Camus (CV: Uchiyama Koki)

Download Dragon Quest Rivals APK+DATA Mod for Android/IOS

In sum up, Dragon Quest Rivals APK Mod is an exciting card game, with an unprecedented tactical play from previous card games, this game promises to create a new breeze that appeals to players all over the world. gender. You can download the game for free using the file that corresponds to the device you are using below. Have fun.

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