Dragons: Rise of Berk (MOD, Unlimited Runes/Cards/Fish)


How to Train Your Dragon is a popular fantasy 3D animated film released by DreamWorks Animation. This film is taken from the book of the same name by Cressida Cowell. Despite the opening days in 2010, the film had very low sales but after viewers watched each other and praised the film so far, How to Train Your Dragon has become one of the best-selling movies. Most visitors and huge sales. Not only adapted into a film, How to Train Your Dragon was also developed into a game: Dragons: Rise of Berk and exclusively released by Ludia company. Are you a fan of How to Train Your Dragon? You want to become a trainer of talented dragons like Hiccup boy and own Toothless night dragon? Dragons: Rise of Berk will give you this great opportunity!


Berk is a land on the sea, chosen by Vikings to live and grow. Soon, Berk became a prosperous land and crowded with Viking residents to bring peace. Berk has a tradition of killing dragons, and that is considered a brave act. Viking warriors were trained in skills from a young age and Hiccup, too, although he had a small body, had one leg cut off but he kept dreaming that someday he could take one down dragon to honor with Berk. One time a hunt, Hiccup met “Toothless” and befriended him. From there, Hiccup changed his mind not to kill dragons anymore. Hiccup learned the features of “Toothless” and discovered the weaknesses and strengths of dragons.

Hiccup became a dragon trainer, at the same time as a mediator, standing between the Vikings and dragons. He maintained the harmony between the two and together they rejoined the bad guys outside. During discovery of new lands with his “Toothless” dragon, Hiccup clashed with a group of dragon hunters. They blamed Hiccup for the vandalism and learned that the leader of these hunters was Drago. He is looking to the Berk area with the plot to destroy them all. How will Hiccup, the Vikings and the dragons fight back?

Unique dragon collection

Dragons: Rise of Berk has a collection of up to more than 70 dragons, such as Deadly Nadders, Monstrous Nightmares, Typhoomerangs, Thunderdrum, Hookfang, Slimeball, Speed ​​Stinger and Skullcrusher. Each type of dragon has different shapes and possesses special abilities. Speed ​​Stinger – an exotic dragon with outstanding flying ability, Typhoomerang with strong and brave fighting ability or Deadly Nadders – a nightmare for every dragon hunter. Each dragon in this game also has levels and indicators: speed, damage, and skill. As players train dragons and feed them fish, they increase levels and the stats are increased. However, these dragons are not available and you need to perform the assigned tasks to unlock them.

Some other interesting features

In this game, Berk is not the only island but also there are up to 60 other islands scattered all over the sea. You can join your dragons to explore these islands and merge them into a part of Berk, or even bring residents to these islands to live. Besides, the game also organizes even and gives the opportunity for players to own unique costumes, even dragon eggs. The most recent event has updated the Hookfang costume, an outfit that any dragon trainer wants to possess. In addition, Speed ​​Tinger’s exotic alien species was also brought to the event.

The end is about graphics. Players will experience beautiful 3D images, realistic designs, and originals in movies. If you have watched How to Train Your Dragons then you will feel that the game’s graphics and film images are not much different. Beautiful graphics combine superb sound effects that make this game a copy of the original movie. Surely, you won’t want to miss this experience!

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