Dragons: Titan Uprising (MOD, GOD MODE/ONE HIT)


Dragons: Titan Uprising – How To Train Your Dragon since its launch in 2010 has achieved unprecedented success, bringing DreamWorks colossal revenue. Based on the reputation that is available, the manufacturer has brought a lot of by-products, eat this engaging content. A long series of TV series, numerous commercials and games confirmed the position of this brand in the market. Fans quickly used their products and responded positively. Especially in game production, they have incredibly successful products in many different genres.

We can take the example of Ludia Inc. when they have a product that has over 10 million downloads and continues to grow. Dragons: Rise of Berk confirms the appeal of this content as well as the prestige, creativity of the studio. Recently, they continue to make their fans excited when new products are also set in the world of dragon trainers. Dragons: The Titan Uprising is released with a slew of exciting, familiar playable titles that incorporate novel combinations. It’s only in the pre-registration phase, but in the beta test period, quite a few people have tested its play and share it on social networks. In general, let’s quickly register in advance to receive a lot of gifts that manufacturers give the first people interested in the game.

A Dragons Match 3 Puzzle RPG

Engage in the game means you will be able to fight alongside Toothless and Hiccup, protecting their Berk Island. Enemies that everyone hates is that the Dragonroot Company is threatening to take over the sky and the sea. Dragons Titan Uprising! It is the journey that your friends take back from the lost.

This will be a match-3 puzzle game, but it will take a lot of different factors to make it more interesting. The first is the story of the animal, the fantasy Dragon. There are many different types of games you can collect such as Night Fury, Deadly Nadder, Monstrous Nightmare, etc. Second, the immersive combat element makes the puzzles style becomes more actionable than knowledge games — intellectual property. It is this game that attracts more class of players. These types of dragons will be classed as rare stars based on the strength indicators noted on the cards.

Enjoy the continuation of this epic story

When a battle takes place, you play as a regular match-3 game. The runes you combine will match the power of the dragons you bring. When the cards light up the power is fully charged and can be activated easily by clicking on it. Each battle will bring you five dragon species corresponding to 5 cards arranged in horizontal order on the bottom. In addition to the construction systems, incubation of new dragons, upgrade the type of dragon from small-scaled babies to towering Titan wings, … Are the functions that you need to be explored like a simulation game?

MOD Info?

[MOD V1]

  • Mod Menu
    – You can turn the Mod on or Off
  •  Enemy can’t attack
    – Enemies are not able to attack you
  • Custom Damage Multiplier
    – You can set a Multiplier from x0 – x1000

[MOD V2]

  • One Hit
    – You can kill everything with just one attack.
  • One Wave
    – Every Battle ends after one wave
  •  Unlimited Spirit
    – You gain full Spirit after every Attack
  • No Ads

How to use the MOD Menu:

  • You need to grant “Overlay” Permission, called “Draw over other Apps” and “Storage Permission” in the app settings
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