Dream Farm: Harvest Story (MOD Full) APK


A dream town in your own hands, great? Introducing Dream Farm: Harvest Story – a strategic farm game produced and launched by the makers of the game Running & Surfing games inc. You will be a landowner with colossal land assets that are waiting for planning and put into operation properly. Are you ready? Let’s explore now.

A simple farm game

Come to the world of Dream Farm: Harvest Story, you’ll need to create an account to take control of everything better, more actively and to save all data even when the game is exited and then logged back. When creating your account, you will be asked which character, male and female, each character will have exciting things not to be confused to ensure different experiences, depending on the interests of each people. Then you will be systematically divided for a house with a piece of land large enough for cultivation. You will plough the land and buy seeds to create gardens under each type of plant such as flowers, fruit trees, food, …Your garden will not grow up but need to care By using water, fertilising (fertilisers also need to buy new), catching, catching dare to sneak into your garden and potentially harmful to plants, … Along with the garden is quite wide.

Separate breeding area

There you will raise familiar pets such as cows, pigs, and so on. Crop and livestock will occasionally encounter certain problems that are simulated by reality, appropriate remedies. When farming and growing, you will use them to produce agricultural products and sell them for money to expand the scale of production. Outside the town, there is always vacant land waiting for you and expanding them. Let friends build a town with bumper harvests, lush green grass and live in self-sufficient mode. There is an abundance of agricultural products to exchange for goods or purchase goods always. Your character will have a different appearance; in addition to the original fixed, you can also use the money to shop from changing hairstyles, clothing to makeup, face, nose, buy this one and entirely at your disposal.


Dream Farm: Harvest Story gives you the opportunity to experience owning your farm on your mobile device, wherever you are, whenever you have a network connection. All items in the game are so much imaginable, from plants, animals, garden decorations, character changes, … all as an adventure with the vast selection and too rich. In the town, in addition to your home, there are many functional homes, shops, friends houses, … for you to explore and interact with.

Graphics – sum up

The 3D animation will immediately attract you. Too bright! Too detailed! Extremely lively and lovely! Everything is designed to appeal to Dream Farm: Harvest Story MOD. Download this game right away, and adventure in the game to become a great farmer.

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