Driving School 2017 (Update v1.3.0) Mod Money/Unlocked

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  • Update: August 6, 2017 at 12:36 pm
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Ovidiu Pop came back with a all-new driving simulator game that called Driving School 2017. Let’s quickly download and try out drive different vehicles in the game! Have you ever wondered how to drive a 18-wheels vehicle across the tiny streets of Amsterdam? Or how to drive a school bus across the Alps? Driving School 2017 is absolutely the game you are looking for.

Download Driving School 2017 APK v1.3.0 Mod Money/Unlocked latest for Android

The Driving School 2017 for Android allows players to learn how to drive a wide variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and bus, with various terrains such as cities, highways, deserts, rural roads, hills and mountains, and much more. The game integrates over 50 levels with a variety of driving situations that promise many challenges awaiting you. Show off your top driving skills and get a license right away. Right now you can drive with a manual gearbox, clutch joint, and gear shift lever. You can open the key of many new vehicles that are from Benz to Bugattis and go to some cities and area. In addition, you also can play the game with friends in the multi-players mode for free.

Main features

  • More than 10 in detail maps for players choose
  • The vehicle control mechanism is smooth and real
  • Different types of driver’s licenses vary from cars, buses, and trucks
  • More than 50 very challenging levels of play
  • The Free Ride mode
  • Multiplayer mode
  • The car’s furniture is modern advanced and delicate.
  • Pictures like in real and very lively
  • Learn to drive like in real life
  • The tilt of device, buttons, and helm is very quick
  • Control panel and online score
  • The sound quality of the engine like in real
  • Weather conditions like in real
  • Requires maps and new vehicles on social networking sites.
  • Support controls allow playing with the Gamepad. Players can try to play on the AndroidTV.

Driving School 2017 is a driving simulator game, so players have to focus on the traffic laws if you want to pass the challenges in this game. Here are some tips for players when you come into Driving School 2017 race track.

Safely first

Driving School 2017 APK Mod focuses quite heavily on the details. This means you are following even before you are on the road. At the beginning of each level of play, the player must be sure to lock the seat belt. If it is dark, the player must turn on the headlights. If it rains, you must turn on the windshield wipers.

Slow but sure to win the race

Make sure that you pay attention to the signboards limits speed when you drive into the city center area. It is best to reduce speed while driving. You will lose 50 experiences points if you exceed the permissible speed and will add 50 points if you maintain the correct your speed limit.

Observe the signal anytime, anywhere

You will be penalized if you don’t abide by traffic signals in all situations such as signaling when you leave or enter the parking lot, signals when you change lane, red light sign, stop signals. So you can pass the levels of the game and get the driver license in the game.

Driving School 2017 APK mod features

  • Mod Money/Unlocked
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