Duolingo: Learn Languages (Update v3.51.2) Mod Unlocked

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Duolingo is one of a few foreign language learning apps, especially English, the most popular language today. This app is compatible with most Android versions and is free to use. Initially, when using Duolingo for Android, users will have to sign in with Facebook, Google or a valid account. After the login is complete, you will have to choose the language you want to study.

Duolingo: Learn Languages v3.51.2 Mod Unlocked download latest for Android

After you have selected the language, you will be immediately involved in a basic lesson. Duolingo Mod APK starts the lesson very simply by giving a noun in his mother tongue and displaying a list of potential words in the language needed to learn, along with pictures for the student to guess easily.
Each lesson is like a game. The player is provided health (heart image) at the top of the screen. Whenever they answer wrongly or provide wrong translations, they will lose health (heart). When you lose your health, the lesson fails and you are forced to play again. In spite of simple, this process encourages players to focus on the lesson and remember important knowledge.

How effective is Duolingo?

An eight-week study was conducted independently to evaluate Duolingo’s effectiveness as a language learning tool. Participants will take a test at the start and at the end of the study. The new language improvement was judged from the difference between the results of the initial and the final test.
This study projected that a person with no knowledge of Spanish needed 26 to 49 hours (34 hours on average) to learn the data of the first Spanish course. Because a university course usually lasts more than 34 hours, research has shown that studying with Duolingo is much more effective.

Why should we learn English with Duolingo?

Duolingo is a free, non-commercial language learning app for non-native speakers. Duolingo is a completely perfect app for learning English for beginners.
Duolingo helps you to practice your foreign language from basic to advanced, every day you only need to spend 5-10 minutes for one lesson and after only 34 hours with Duolingo, you can gain knowledge as a semester of the college semester.
The program stimulates your passion for learning by studying while playing, making you interested in learning English to achieve achievements with friends.
Duolingo received the app of Year Award from Apple and Best of the Best from Google!

Duolingo New features:

– New layout for Home screen.
– Add dynamic effects when answering the right questions and get experience points.
– Add the recruitment section in the Jobs section.

Duolingo APK Mod features:

– Languages Courses Unlocked by default
– Start Lessons Unlocked by default
– Special Offers features Unlocked
– Power-Ups features Unlocked
– Outfits features Unlocked
– Ads calls from activity removed
– Credits increased to 1K
– Analytics disabled

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