DUTY OF HEROES: WW2 APK (Update v1.0) Mod


When you were little, you heard your grandfather recount the magnanimous battles of World War 2. He and his comrades fought side by side, sacrificing for each other and also for the glorious victory for the nation. You even dreamed of carrying heavy backpacks on your shoulders, holding guns with ammunition belts. Little passion for firearms and great national pride makes you want to exterminate the enemy in front and experience a once-in-a-lifetime sensation of World War 2. And the ruby game publisher has satisfied that idea with DUTY OF HEROES: WW2.

The war is always fierce

DUTY OF HEROES: WW2 a strategy game inspired by World War 2 to create maps, factions and equipment, equipment in the game. It can be said that this is not just a game designed purely from the producer but the real war, which is made from history. Based on this game, you will be immersed in the fierce battle air at that time when the war of flames is overwhelming everywhere. The pain and loss of human beings and property are unimaginable.

Joining a real match is when you play the role of a military commander. Players will be able to control some elite soldiers trained by themselves. Before you enter the battle of dead or alive, you must prepare yourself a specific strategy based on the terrain of the fight. There are different types of maps, and the game will tell us the mission that needs to be completed here to get through that. You have to make sure your squad is still alive at least one person to accomplish the task assigned. Players need to consider who to attack first to win the advantage and win the game. After completing the screen, you will receive the reward worth the effort that you just spent.

Not only that, your squad will be a great addition to the tank squad. It is a powerful weapon that can blow up enemies within 1 second. After certain stages, the enemy will grow stronger and stronger than before. Therefore, you need to upgrade your forces to be able to destroy the enemy as quickly as possible. There are two main options for enhancing troops or upgrading tanks. I advise you to raise both of them because the soldiers can disperse the attention and attack power of enemies to many targets, and extend the time for tanks to shoot down the enemies; Upgrade your tanks as soon as you have money left over as it can cause quite a lot of damage.

Graphics and sound

Although this is a lightweight game, it is set on a very detailed 3D background and sharp. Trees and bases are depicted very real but not so prolix that gamers are distracted and affect the gameplay process. Besides, the game’s sound system is desirable, the commander’s voice is always apparent to the army and the sound when the military began to attack. These are attractive features that players cannot stop playing.

Sum up

DUTY OF HEROES: WW2 APK is a tactical simulation of war but not bloody, so it is ranked 7+ (mild violence). You can download to experience or teach your kids the most intense battle of humanity just by playing a game, not a boring book. Have fun.

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