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Love stories have become popular among students in the last 20 years. Kids start loving their friends and see it as a love-like form. This seems pretty good if they cherish this sentiment and turn it into a driving force in learning. Even adults who do not have a love for themselves also want to have a friend who can share the emotions in life.

All your decisions will completely change the face of Episode

Capturing those desires, the game market has gradually generated a kind of dating simulation content. These games are like a beautiful love story is built, and players will play the main character. They will be immersed in the world of love and satisfy they’re long-awaited. Episode Interactive joins the game market and selects a story-telling simulation game. They have a few products and are known to many with Episode – Choose Your Story. Just recently, they launched a new update and broke 50 million downloads on Google Play.

The story mysterious, compelling

Like other adventure games, Episode directs players to a real-life story. These are just slices of a mundane person, without superior strength, without any special ability. But life is an indispensable spice is a love, which other games do not have. Players will experience the typical story that a human will encounter in a day, and your decisions will lead to different results. This shows that the game will lead to different endings, not the same. Thus, if you miss the game as well as the characters in it, you can try again and again to find out the different outcomes of it.

The game is based on a system of decisions that you make during the game. Each time an event occurs, the other person will ask a question with three choices. Read the problem and choose the answer you like most, fate life will rely on yourself.

Some outstanding stories in Episode – Choose Your Story

  • Pretty Little Liars – Angels Lie
  • Mean Girls – The very girl
  • Demi Lovato – The way to fame
  • Falling For The Dolan Twins
  • Hollywood Days with Hayes

Sum up

Besides, you can create your own character by designing them at the beginning of the game. Select the story you like by opening the selection panel. There will be different types of a love affair. With light 2D graphics, it’s like portraying a comic book and not a game anymore. The characters are beautifully designed, seems to be aimed at a girl game more. Moreover, Episode – Choose Your Story MOD updates the story every month; players will be continuously refreshed experience.

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