European War 4: Napoleon (MOD, Medals)


The history of humanity is always associated with the wars of condemnation among nations. Whether in Europe, Asia or America, wars are continually occurring and increasingly tend to destroy more. Heroes, genius military leaders, … class people appear along with campaigns in history. Are you interested in military secrets, transformations, strategies to move positions among nations, …? Come to European War 4: Napoleon and experience the surprises that it brings to you!

6 War Zones and 84 Campaigns

When you participate in the game, you will play a commanding general of the military. You have total control over your army; your mission is to develop it and use your army to take over other nations. But is it as easy as you think?

Historical milestones simulated in this game are the period of military genius Napoleon Bonaparte, from the second half of the seventeenth-first half of the eighteenth century. You can choose which battlefield you want to join: Europe, Asia or America. Corresponding to that, you can select any military generals among the 200 famous generals, including Napoleon, Murat, Wellington, Nelson, Kutusov, Washington, … Depending on the battlefield. You want to join will correspond to the various generals. And each general may have different levels and origins, and gradually you will take them to the finish line: for example, from a normal soldier to a great general from a commoner to a high emperor,

Up to 6 War Areas and 84 Campaigns are referred to as the Imperial Eagle, Union, Holy Roman Empire, Eastern Lords, The Rise of the United States and the Sun never dive. There are 6 scenarios for you to conquer, and you can choose from 1798, 1775, Europe 1806, Europe 1809, America 1812, 1815. They are arranged according to the timeline and each historical milestone, the situation of the military of the country is continually evolving. You can choose to become the dominant of any one of 42 countries. In that country, you can arrange the generals into different corpses. You need to be a keen strategist because not only does your country change, but the world is changing in its historical order. You will see large maps of Europe or America, extremely detailed military details of countries and they can change continuously.

Countries are separated by color-bounded borders, and each has different strengths and resistance (infantry, artillery, etc.). Your army will fight in turn; the target is the station of the country around. The two sides will be perfect and enter the real battle, only when the enemy destroyed, you can expand your territory. However, the wider the territory, the thinner the force is. If attacked, it will be difficult to resist. So you have to continually build an army, use the proceeds of each victory to hire generals to serve the army, acquire advanced weapons and get help from the items in the store. Successfully defending people and conquering other nations, you can try to experience the feeling of military genius in history!


The game has pretty exciting simulation graphics. You are like studying a strategy map in the style of the chessboard in the Harry Potter movie. All Europe was captured in a large map, and the flags of all nations and their armies were exceptionally vividly portrayed. The publisher has been extremely successful in reconstructing the scene of historical battles in a very attractive way.


Are you a person who has a passion for history? Or do you simply want to experience the feeling of the military genius? Use your great strategic ability to bring glory to the country, the challenge and excitement of European War 4: Napoleon MOD is unquestionable.

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