Evertale (MOD, Many Features)

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  • June 8, 2020
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Evertale – Fairy world is one of the most exciting places that people have ever known throughout their life. The stories heard from her grandmother seemed like a distant world that never became a reality. Maybe this is true about ten years ago when all technologies are not as developed as they are now. But now if you want to enjoy a movie such as Alice in a beautiful country, you can quickly open any web page so that you can watch the two parts of the movie entirely. If you want to experience a game with fairy elements, you must quickly search “Evertale” on Google Play. It is one of the most valuable options you can try in recent times.

To make it easier to imagine, players can see this is a modern version of Pokemon game. Players will also participate in adventures to the fairy world with many legends recounted with many summoned beasts. Players will have to search for their whereabouts and then train them to become the most powerful creatures serving humans in battles.

Catch and evolve monsters!

Like Pokemon Fire Red, begin to participate in “Evertale,” the player must have owned some basic summoned beasts and made his arduous journey. Try to catch all the monsters you meet through antagonistic battles. After you have captured them, try to train and experience the most engaging role-playing battles. Jealousy will operate in a fairly simple way that is a turn-based 4V4 confrontation.

A vast open world in the game will allow players to visit many places. They will go from the world of Erden from the deadly Pandemonium. In each area, there will be different challenges for players to confront and train their squad. The game offers 180 creatures and warriors so you can choose and fight alongside the summoned beasts. The connection between people and their companions will be most evident in dangerous battles. Your summoned monsters can be evolved too. Once they reach a certain level, they will change their morphology and become stronger and possess more potential skills.

Designed in two main gameplay forms, Online and Offline, it can be customized for all types of players worldwide. If you don’t have a strong internet connection and just want to participate in exciting battles, you can play the single-player mode offline. Or vice versa, you can compete with the world’s most powerful and intelligent mascot trainers. Extremely high-speed PvP battles between leagues and guilds are also the most exciting places for players to increase their skills. Besides, when you win those battles, you can also be rewarded with valuable rewards. Wait for limited-edition gear, power-ups, and more to take your team to the next level!

MOD Info?


1. 100% chance on capture
2. 999 Team Cost (No limit on putting heroes in team)
3. Game Unlock
4. 8M Silver
5. Equip/Unequip a weapon to gain massive stat boosts for that specific unit (Simulates Godmode/1 Hit, it’s still not the best implementation but for now it’s functional, doesn’t seem to be triggering detection)


1. Endless money;
2. Removed restriction on placing heroes in a team.

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